Week 33

A new Chinese art museum inspired by and intended to replicate the carefully carved Chinese boxes..art imitates life? here

A paper weight…marble and brass. here

It can be very simple…here

On more than one occasion we have talked about design symantics…the process of incorporating some detailing or indication as to what the product does into the overall design…”a fast car should look fast”.  Here is a pretty fun example. here

This is a nice series…contrasting colors, thickness and scale, form…but still only (2) materials. here


Bill Moogridge…business innovator and designer dies of lung cancer. I met Bill decades ago when Steelcase began working with IDEO. He recently spoke in downtown Grand Rapids at the GRAM. At that time he was feeling good and had just recovered from treatments…he will be missed in many ways. here

Folding furniture…easy to ship but how comfortable is it? here

Classic “tulip” table by Eero Saarinen in a host of settings…modern classics can be dressed up or down, proving it’s timeless design. here

In the light of the recent Apple vs. Samsung law suite…the importance of design and functional patents is being excavated. here

Tambour Table. here

This would be a great way to build team camaraderie and deal with those long winter months at lunch. here

You don’t typically see wood lamps…something about the use of that material to house something “hot”…LEDs are redefining what, where and how lighting can be applied. here

So…it’s the organizational philosophy that matters not the stuff you buy that makes you organized apparently…ideally you work with some one who has both…the knowledge, and the real product. here

“Transitional Spaces”…even if it is a term we have never heard of, we have lived it. here

Is putting it in a container the key to organization or is the key to organizing, putting things in containers?…Can one exist without the other? Container Store (here)

3Form offers laminated glass/plastic. here

I wonder what they smell like when they are wet? here

Contrary to how it appears, it is very hard to succeed at making something difficult…simple. here

Tree house. here

The “record” player reborn. here

Transportable closet. here

Of course. here

The return of riveted jeans…I remember being kicked out of rolling rinks because I had these on.

Repackage and offer again.

Clean, modular, simple, skeletal…where it needs to be, solid elsewhere. here

Good article on what the younger generations are currently looking for here.

Closet Factory used in overhaul here.

Wonderful combo sideboard concept here.

What was I saying about LED’s?…this lady must drive a new Audi here.

New LED light that charges your iPod or iPad by Starck here.

Have you seen the Levi’s site lately? here.

There has been a lot of e-chatter about info-graphics here.

Designer you should know here.

By Jon King

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