Week 34

Excellent dialogue about design & art’s relationship (thanks to Kedron Rhodes for the find): more

Great example of adherence to a visual vocabulary, use of positive and negative spaces and opposites in color all coming together for a unified setting: more

Transformation: more

Modern house out in the woods…modern is not always urban more …at first glance it reminds me of the work from Mies Van Der Rohe while in Chicago: more

Endless arrangements possible…change it every day if you want. A simple solution that accommodated personal expression, need and fun…and gutsy color combo: more

Gant fall collection: more

Manhattan Cottage…water tank repurposed: more

Gnome spotting…and other nice kid’s space ideas: more

Fruit of the Loom hires a designer for their female shirt line…another commodity product moving upscale: more

Crate & Barrel offers ability create your own bed…technology is catching up with the desire to customize: more

A new wall sconce light that tastefully accommodates cords so you can plug it into a normal (18″ off the floor) outlet: more

Helpful info graphics: more

values.com word of the day: more

Danish design award nomination…nice blend of mass and dainty…like a cumulus cloud just above tree tops: more

Some realistic advice on organizing a room: more

Brilliant tool for the indoor gardener: more

Not you’re typical Cumberland Lake house boat: more

Designers to know something about series…Yves Behar. I had the pleasure to work with him when he was an intern at Steelcase: more

Result of strategic merchendising…same product but placed against different accent colors and propped accordingly: more

fascinating dwelling with an incredible garage…my first thought was “who has to mow that yard” and then wondered if there was thought given to how a mower would look perched in the garage with all the Porsche’s: more

Gorgeous and local…craftsmanship as part of the design, playing off of a historic and cultural heritage, to bad they are a limited edition: more

Todd Oldham for….Lay-Z-Boy!…I know…: more

Building the case for built ins. Getting into a project far enough up-stream enables you to combine “walls” with storage, organizational and functional details and maximize the utilization of a space or eliminate the need for repetitive structures…”walls that function as the home office rather than home office sliding up to the wall”: more

The architectural freedoms afforded those that don’t have to deal with mosquitoes: more

Is the magnetical draw concepts like this a play on our desire to still have fun at any age?: more

Fabulous concept repackaged again. Challenging our need to sprawl be introducing thinking from the past: more

By Jon King

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