Week 35

Chairs with numerous functions: more

Added room by going “up” and monstrous light well: more

Technically more advanced but visually more retrospective. I wonder…does the visual reference find a home with today’s demographics? Will we have to educate them as to the value or will they develop their own?: more

This image is from an article in Dwell on small spaces…there are few “tricks” reveled in the article that help small spaces seem larger…but it got me wondering what a study about a specific locations impact on the design would revel…findings that could be presented in “pedestrian” terms…like this tall ceiling…does it makes sence in locations who’s seasons reaches both extremes?…and if it is a desired outcome, what design challenges does it present regardless: more

Clever…and provocative: more

Nice combination: more

A bit eclectic…a trap some fall into with showrooms, trying to display the whole offering rather than displaying the system’s ability to address a defined need..but still, this solution is so simple and flexible: more

What ever you want…custom made…it’s getting easier than ever to express your own spirit…amen: more

Open chappel…seems odd but think about what it “felt like” the last time you walked up to a giant greek revival column, granite cliff face or even stood at the base of a grain silo…it’s a moving experience: more

“guaranteed to make  you smile” cool LEGO machine: more 

Designers we should know something about… Ayse Birsel: more

Another striking library project…the space provoke movement which is something you typically associate with sitting still and researching or reading…more evidence as to the line that is blurring between the typical roles, library’s, coffee houses museum’s: more

Nice example of feedback for the user and tactile indication as to points of interface and icons that are now stereotypical of other electronics in our life…a new language: more

Toys for the “modern life style kid”: more

Google street view now goes below the street…in fact below sea level: more

Finally…some interesting ways to create a community with spent containers: more

Commodity material (pine plywood) used elegantly…an exercise that doesn’t get enough play: more

Table lamps…as in they sit on your table top and illuminate the area from below: more

Yes there is a logical purpose for this set up: more

Fall fashions for men from Esquire: more

Fall fashions for women from Neiman-Marcus: more

Wood & white…a classic combo in any vernacular: more

By Jon King

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