Week 36

Frank Ghery’s new project in Toronto: more

Construction has started in the combination housing unit/market place…if you have ever been to the Ferry Building in San Fransisco, you can image how cool this would be: more

re-use, re-claim and covet: more

Inspired by rocks on a beach…I can see it, the rocks, the foam on the shore, the wind fences: more

night light table: more

Nice combination of forms so random that that becomes the visual lanugage…I am just going to assume they didn’t want you to easily find the front door: more

The bikes make for a nice implied story, nice composition to the photos but every apartment I have lived in where we had bikes, the door jams are all banged up and there are scuffs on the walls right?…but these are nice bikes: more

Nice dwelling that utilizes simple pine…this dwelling looks to be a low maintenance place the blends the outdoors with the indoors…I bet they are not standing on the balcony looking at swarm of mosquitos: more

Utilitarian…almost Army Barrack utilitarian…yet the simplicity is so appealing. Is there a threshold that defines what things we expect simplify our lives and what things are OK to struggle with? Does it change as our life’s stages change? We are young is it OK to own a very complicated car, apartment 4 stories up and perplexing relationships. Then as we age and experience more we gravitate towards things that simplify our lives?  more


Which came first…man or fish: more

New book on logo history: more

The new Shaker?…what is it about cantilevered items we find to be so curious…or is it just that they are just some clean and simple or is it the element of mystery that is so intriguing? more

The “new rule”: more

Not sure about the song…yet…but I love the title “Why is your raincoat always crying”: more

Logical: more

An idea that just begs for you to try it: more

In a day and time when everyone is claiming that books and printed material are going away…why do we continue to see spectacular libraries being built…maybe it suggests the need for a harmonious and strategic blending of multiple medias: more

Folding and twisting plywood like it is a thick sheet of felt…beautiful. The process is part of the design: more

Thonet bike: more

Inspired by the famous formed wood chair by Micheal Thornet brought to market in 1859: more

Whimsical hotel in the Netherlands…a fun blend of modern architecture with deep roots in the area’s culture…bet the builder had a blast with these plans: more

Power of place. You couldn’t help but feel like a castaway in this hut…which I suspect is the goal…very successfully accomplished: more

Disney launches furniture line: more

GE continues to push innovation with LED lighting options: more

Ultra compact kitchen system: more

By Jon King

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