Week 37

Servile…the new branding logic: more

In Boise Idaho…a addition to a house blends the best of both worlds: more

“designer to know something about” series…Russel Wright Pottery. Once in a while you will find some of this at a garage sale or salvation store: more

Portable chicken coop….perfect for any neighborhood. I already ordered mine: more

Modern “ride on” toy. If this had bumpers it would be a perfect evening project to make in your garage shop: more

Playground by Atelier de Lyon. Kid’s just need a hill. When my children were young they loved the paper and box as much as the present…it’s amazing what they will create in the backyard with a few dishwasher, watermelon and refrigerator box. One of my favorite quotes regarding parenthood is “if you want to see how creative your kid’s are…quit buying them crap”: more

Simple, wood, modular…the new crate: more 

Les-Briques (the brick) wooden boxes…the woodgrain is on the inside for a change: more

Old barn – new home – new site: more

Found at a flea market…new pictures of the Stones. Not only is it a fun hobby it can harvest some real treasures: more

Skyline Sky Park continues to impress: more

Those of us living in West Michigan have seen our share of these but it is a famous chair. An Eero Saarinen exhibit is about to open in L.A. if you’re in that area: more

3Form adds some new options: more

New fruit bowl…the wire creates a form but your mind and eye actually complete the design. And it allows your fruit to “breath”: more

Hesperia-Bilabo Hotel in Spain. May we never forget to be playful: more

Corgi 007 Bond set. Hard to belive that the same guy wrote these stories that wrote Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang: more

“Footloose” folding electric bike that is chain less by Mando: more

The art of wooden joinery is not forgotten with this Tobias-Tostesen mini kitchen: more

Color forecasting by Sherwin-Williams: more

Grid Organizer…wouldn’t this be nice in your messenger bag, luggage, duffel or car?: more

Team or rec-room hammock by Stal-Collectief-Koalla: more

Why?: more

Three surfaces, three legs. Frederick Roije table…the top is all formed from one piece: more

When I found out this was the Basquie Culinary Center, Spain…I couldn’t help but think that it looked like a stack of wrapped, foam pork chop trays from the eye of a trout, laying in the butcher case right next to them: more

Clothing house designed by Olga Giertz: more

Simple painted backsplash…it doesn’t take much to define a territorial change: more

Layered…horizontally and vertically. Not a new idea but executed very creatively: more

Have you been to the Vitra web site lately?: more

Have you been to the Coach web site lately?: more

“Log” bench: more

Updated shelving system by Artek: more

Porsche Cayman R in snake eye green: more

Grow…a new housing community in Bainbridge Island, Washington:  more

By Jon King

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