Week 38

The new Starbuck’s Versimo. I will be curious to see if they are to late to market with this concept…but the web site is interesting…several layers traveling at different speeds vertically as you scroll: more

Dieter Rams…this week’s designer to learn more about: more

BDI’s SEMBLANCE system…doesn’t get much simpler then this: more

Some very well designed and some very fun watches at the Dezeen Watch Store: more

Abalos-Sentkiewicz: an architecture firm that emphasizes team work and involvement from the founding partners on all projects, ensuring that the firms values are adhered to on every effort with obvious signature results and out come. more

Special thanks to our friend and fellow designer Dan Grabowski for the find. more

Recent study indicates that visual clutter can lead to cognitive impairment. more Perhaps we need more work by people like Mark Rothko in our life. more

Kind of creepy photographic art exhibit…but perhaps just in time to give you some ideas for Halloween: more

Fishline Chair by Nendo: notice how the grain appears to be horizontal on the legs. more

“Great design can be great marketing.”

Sir Richard Branson on good design. more

This is actually a fictional building that was presented in an art exhibit by Xavier Delory to highlight the blending of modern and traditional harmonies. But I love the simplicity of the composition: more

Wendy’s gets a make-over: more

“Furniture that surprises you and can be considered art”. This piece by Tarah: more

Nice use of juxtaposed forms that is apparent without changing the colors A home in Stuttgart Germany by UNStudio. Sits on the land well and takes advantage of the changing light and views. more

Summer colors – winter coats…designers are hanging onto the brights as the season’s change: more

The new Haagen-Dazs ice cream bar created by a hired design studio…wait until you see the inside! more

“Reel” storage and a real neat idea, allows the end-user to customize the solution per their own needs. more

New twist on a log home… the “S” house by KO+KO architects. more

A new website to help alleviate stress called Calm.com. more

Overhead storage provided without any vertical interruptions. more

Floating dock & office space that can contend with changing water levels in German rivers by Slawik Architekten. Nice use of accent colors and neutrals with the same geometric footprints to create interest and identify: more

Professional organizer Vanessa Hayes takes on a new shed project. more

bold and blatant statement about effort to expand awareness: more

New twist on the omnipresent canvas box…by Marimekko: more

Octopus in the shower…cool idea for a shower caddy…will not rust, would be easy to clean around…not suction cups that will fail. Made by Formverket.  more

Umbra Soap Penguin. Look familiar? Another one of the items from this weeks “Dwell’s Products We Love”. more

I typically reframe from including this that are just concepts or rendering in posts but this one is pretty spectacular and they have broken ground for the structure.  A resort on a clip top by the architect firm Serie in India. more

Pet house…seating can and should serve several purposes. This wonderful sofa is by Seungji Mun. more 

H2 Hooks. Designed by German designers Sarah Bottger and Meike Langer. Simple, fun, modular, versatile…would be great at any back door or bedroom wall. more

This showed up in several blogs I follow…a trampoline bridge in Paris by AZC. So how does one go back to work after crossing this for lunch? more

Room & Board expands their bedding options. more

The Stow Company’s ORG Home brand works with Andretti Racing on two projects: more

Behind the scene at a Google Data Center: more

interesting bed and home furnishings concept by Alain Gilles for Magnitude. more

Amsterdam armories: more

Learn more about designer Nate Berkus…who is about to introduce a line via Target: more

By Jon King

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