Week 39

These are both modular homes made by the same company…Method Homes.

Part of a continuing series by Herman Miller.

New term in the architectural design world…”flush design”. Which is to incorporate elements in a flush fashion as to not visually complicate the environment with un-needed details. This article also confirms that there is a growing acceptance of good design with the general public.

The Minuetto space-saving table…but how about those suspensions!

A suitcase that follows you via a BlueTooth connection on your media phone.


Clinic used for research by Emmanuelle Moureaux at Kyoto University. Wonder what they are researching there?

Not only do I love Bavarian Cars…I love yellow. Finally a redesign of the Taigun.

Ski resort apartment in the Alps by H2O Design.

New twist on a common urban city attribute. The Superkilen Urban Park in Copenhagen by Topotek1 + Superflex.

New home in Hollyrood by David Etcheverry. Materials chosen on outside for easy maintenance…materials chosen on inside to enable the focus to be on the occupants.

Nice tight modern house by I+GC called the “V” house.

This is a British concept of course…tea and biscuits. The Dunk Mug.

West Elm is expanding into the “market place” adjacent accessories. The new effort will be called West Elm Market.

A bike designed for those who love to picnic. A great study in modularity, and systemic thinking.

“Blurring the thin line between art and design”…contorted furniture designed by Suzy Lelievre.

Home Depot’s new Eco Web Site.

San Francisco city planners approve a proposal for Transbay Tower…the tallest building on the west coast. Given the fault lines in the area, wouldn’t you love to see the engineering that went into this?

Legendary home for sale designed by John Johansen…the Goodyear Home.

Naomi Campbell’s new spaceship…a home designed by Zaha Hadid, funded by her billionaire boy friend in Russia.

Samsung funds a solar school in Africa…this is so cool, and it’s made from a container. Thank You Samsung…look how happy these kids are!

Book storage…but I bet any creative kid would use if for many different things.

Comparing loft concepts…why are kid’s rooms more excepting of integrated storage?

More on the compact footprint front. This one designed to be affordable student housing in Sweden.

Check out the pool in this place…designed by Metropolis Architects.

Designed by Industrial Design Student Lisa Frode, the Time Flies Desk. In Michigan it wouldn’t be long before someone turns one into an ice fishing shanty.

Have you been to the B&O (Bang-Olufsen AV) site lately?

By Jon King

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