Week 40

Good article on small ways to tune the function and feel of a space…like choosing the right shaped dinning room table or lighting.

These designs continue the tradition of stunningly simple and brilliant concepts…from Dwell Magazine.

This article from Dwell suggests we rethink the window.

Several transition area solutions from Homedit.com…proving the solution can be fully integrated, or simple applied equally successful.

Steve Jobs yacht…who knew? But it is apparently completed and starting to show up in harbors in northern Europe.

Interview with a Parisian artist that is quickly gaining notoriety… Diane Gaeta.

An option instead of the wicker basket the Restore Basket from DWR.

It might be an electrician’s nightmare but this article at Homedit.com shows that brick adds an element of warmth and substance to any setting.

A belated Happy Halloween…I could not resist. Check out this series of animated GIF files from design boom.

Very nice series designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec…formed plywood continues to please…this set would even ship KD with ease. It’s not my role to be critical…but the valley in this table would fill with cast-offs at the first meal in our house.

Whimsical but elegant and neutral chair/stools as featured in Designboom by Rampelotto Pernkopf. The legs are threaded at the top and screw into the seat pan.

The legend design icon Jony Ive’s role expands at Apple.

The famed chair turns 10. Featured here at DWR.

Simple grain direction change adds extra depth and what a cool way to deal with reading lights!

3Form continues to amaze with the manipulation of light.

Some great examples of floating shelves and “wall patch storage”.

Of course. Height adjustable by simple crank. What a lot of people don’t realize is that the ergonomics change when one goes from seated to standing…especially for those of us who need bifocals.

When you live on a lake its important to maximize the view…but you also need the walls to support multiple other functions…this house strikes a nice balance.

Let me show you to my little friend…you cockroach. The home where the movie “Scarface” was filmed can now be rented.

The amazing transforming Buddhist meditation centre. Elevating the advantages of mixing the great outdoors with the great indoors.

Concepts by Rad and Hatch found here at Coolhunting.com…all re-deployed materials.

Structure and integrated storage…in perfect harmony.

The perfect home office?…from an article on choosing the right light for the application found on Homedit.com.

Form, function and material choice all at play in the nice collection by Christian Reyes…from Coolhunting.com

From the site Confessions of a Design Geek…the “creative space” of Godrich Interiors.

Found on Pinterest, this simple solution intentionally mixes the positive and the negative spaces to create a functional and interesting solution.

Dual function tables and other amenities by LaSelva Studios. Found at the site Coolhunting.com.

Have you been to the Chanel website lately?

By Jon King

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