Week 41

Is wall paper making a comeback?

Tips on how to make your home feel like a warm cottage at Homedit.com…even a modern home.


Bunking up…fully integrated or built post occupancy…where were these when I was a kid?

Quote of the day from Values.com.

Oakley’s new GPS goggles.

Single kernel pop corn maker…celebrating the machine and revealing the entire process along the way by ECAL…this is not from the set of Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang.

The space under your stairs can be utilized in a much more functional fashion…with fashion.

Just in case the quarter operated snow mobile at the airport arcade is not enough. I already order one. You hardly know what it is without all the sponsorship stickers on it. The full-scale Jackie Stewart.

This has shown up on many of the blogs I watch…intended to be a fund-raiser.

Finally…the aftermarket is catching up with the iPad Mini. A great example of how many people make a living for their family in the wake of just one successful product.

A new vodka is brought to market by Dan Aykroyd. The story behind it is more like a Indiana Jones episode then a small business start-up. Crystal Skull Vodka.

From an article at Homedit.com titled “Why a well designed living room will sell your home”.

From an article about keeping your bedroom light and airy…notice that just about every one of them is white allowing the artifacts (which speak volumes about the occupants) to stand out.

Coffee bar in the park…not what one would expect inside this structure. Designed by Overtreders W. The entire structure was made of repurposed materials and is in the Netherlands.

Pom Pom book markers. These are cool and I bet our cats would love them too.

Have you been to the TAG Heuer site lately?…they are not just orange dive watches anymore.

Yup…for dogs. A traveling exhibit.

Who needs the iPad with a collapsible keyboard like this and your iPod? As seen at Designboom by Elecom.

Check out this website if you would like to order one: good luck.

A beautifully elegant and simple collection designed by Nendo for Bisazza-Bagno. Found here at Dwell on-line. This series challenges what we really need in our homes?

Day and night difference…illustrating what a key element lighting is on the way we experience our settings.

One of the many new products available through Umbra…self centering chess pieces.

The backstage story behind the legendary Aeron Chair. Special thanks to my friend and fellow designer Dan Grabowski of G2 Design for the find.

I stand 6′-3″ tall on a bad day…and have driven small imports all my life. I am used to small spaces but this one puts the squeeze on all of that. A house this is 4′ wide.

I did not know the Soviets had a modern movement.

There have been several times that I have found myself discussing the likelihood (or not) of a modern house fitting into our neighborhood with fellow residents…and family members for that matter. But I what I fear we sacrifice when we to quickly dismiss the idea is that a modern dwelling accommodates innovative thinking and challenges our paradigms in a way that a typical home book plan doesn’t. To be open to and understand that there are better ways does not mandate a specific means of execution for those ideas. I especially love this little back yard “pond”.

A new Honda Model “N” is reveled at the Tokyo Design Week…remember the Honda 600? I hope some of these cars make it to the American market.

To understand the limits of the material you are working with is key…a wood spring stool by Carolien Laro.

Some wonderful kids furniture…found on Design Milk.

Proof that modern, transitional and traditional can work well together…from Musings…the FLOR blog.

Good one. Have a good day.

By Jon King

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