Week 42

Bold and brave bedroom designs found at Homedit.com… what do you think?

Dual function Dolomite watering can…pours and showers.

Have you been to the Betty Crocker site lately…locked on the brand…it is just what you would expect.

A fun little robot.

There is no reason for commodity…express yourself…a new fun line of products like this mini-pocket mouse from Xoopar.

Bodum has some very nice products now.

Homedit.com captured some creative ways to use otherwise discarded skids.

Tea Bag Buddy…one of those “why didn’t I think of that” products…anyone of us could have if we applied some analytics and observation to an otherwise dated and instilled historic activity.

The new Lambo LP-700-4 roadster. The 700 stands for the amount of facets on the body of this gem.

Smurf has it made in this incredible house by Idis Turato featured at Designboom.

A very informative newsletter from Columbia Forest Products…the makers of PureBond, a plywood which uses a glue that was inspired by the way barnacles adhere themselves to pilings.

 “Do names of colors — often infused with cultural significance — alter our perception of the chromatic universe?”


The blend of cultural understanding, and it’s influence is something we must as designers, insure is part of the criteria…it’s hard to get a cup of coffee “to go” in the Alps. This article in Stir (the Sherwin-Williams news letter) highlights that importance.

Style blending…the concept opens one to the ability to use the best of every genera and most importantly doesn’t lock you into one style and enables self-expression…Homedit.com.

The power of plywood.

A very memorable experience…”Dronningens Bastion”. Movement Park…by Instant Studio at Served.

SwissMiss is featuring this picnic bag-blaket called “Yield”. Now you don’t have to pack anything extra or manage the disappointment that your favorite table or bench is in use.


Designboom is featuring this “relaxation lab” in the suburbs of Mexico City by Cadaval & Sola-Morales.

 Re-deployed pop bottle purse. Designboom.

Organic white whiskey…”organic tastes better”…I will let you know. Until then read more at Cool Hunting.com

Chuck, Ray and the felines. Lifework.

The Designer Pad is featuring this coffee house…notice how the control of the color palate enables the accent colors to have much more importance.

The ever resilient Lacoste company.

The movie “Lincoln” is already winning awards. Haute Living.

From Dwell’s Products We Love…

Designboom…bird photo booth.

Striking “ranch style”? house in Chili by 01 Arq…as seen at Designboom.

A designer we should know something about: Eva Zeisel (1906-2011)…her famed nesting salt & pepper shakers. Directly above are her newly re-released nesting pot & vase set.

Back to basics. Swiss Miss.

What would a child do? What would the child in you do? Musings by FLOR.

The purity of white…just white. Week Day Carnival.

Extendable Table…not a leaf table…by Vidame Creation. Design Milk.

Enjoy your time off…Happy Thanksgiving…if you need any help…check with Martha.

By Jon King

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