Week 43

I’m not sure what is so appealing about this concept…something about embracing and enabling nature to thrive along side us, and the other way around…I don’t know. Harmony perhaps. Even the poured concreate looks like bark (and is as low maintenance as the real thing) This dwelling by Pas Arquitectura is a good example that, is found at Design Milk.com.

Go anywhere origami kayak. Discovered by my friend and colleague at Stow…Adam Richeal in CoDesign.

There is no subsitute.

Innovative Rig Tig carafe cleaner found by Swiss Miss.

Nice line of leather goods and accessories by Alfred Stadler…a find at Cool Hunting.com.

You have all probably been hearing about the 3D printer craze that is taking place…it was used to make models of 007’s Aston Martin that were used for the movie Skyfall. Found at Mashable.com.

Repurpose on a budget…Homedit.com.

Swiss Miss found these…even the simple building block are eligible for a new twist.

Serious lap top desk and sound system by La Boite Concept+CC Lab’s.

Seasonal window sticker patterns from 3Form.

Upscale shoe company Camper…opens a new store in Granada.

Stating the case or built-ins….Homedit.com.

Lunch box for the “urban nomads” (I love that title) by Komida…found at Served.

Beautiful cutlery… Florentine kitchen knives at Coolhunting.com. These look nice but you can only imagine how well one would feel in your hand…balanced, confident, historic…whipping up a salad would be even more of a desired task with tools like this.

“Finding art in the everyday”…that is a admirable goal. This series of print ads by Royal do just that. Found at designsponge.com.

I have been wondering when this idea would hit the market…multi-functional: fish bowl, flower planter, food provider…some what of a iciologist-ecologist-hydroponic-famer thing.

If you don’t play an instrument…you might want to after you see these rooms at Homedit.com.

New magazine rack designed by Passcal Charmolu…one of the Dwell products of the week.

GQ magazine hosts a “man of the year” party…I had a conflict with my schedule and had to pass this year.

A red squirrel nut cracker…of course. Just in time for the holidays…thanks to Anthropologie. A nice little reminder not to take things to seriously.

Gift guid for “snobs” like this watch designed by Dieter Rams…in 1978! FastCo Design.

DWR visits a exhibit featuring the work of Danish designer Finn Juhl.

DWR opens a new store, or “studio” as they put it, in southern California…which is cool. But what I fine fascinating about this photo is how it illustrates the effectiveness of using suspended clouds and varying floor treatment to define smaller more intimate spaces within a much larger one.

Wallpaper test drives the new Land Rover…has anyone actually ever seen one of these in use like this? There is a saying in my neighborhood…”the closest anyone gets to taking one of these off road is if they accidentally back over their flower garden.”

Jennifer Newman’s work…nice simple forms, wonderful colors and proportions.

DesignMilk features this book shelf called “Lean” by Monocomplex.

For years the form of lighting has been held captive by the shape of the bulb. Now with LED options that is all being challenged…the ripple effect of innovation unlocking the shackles. Found at one of my favorite blogs by FLOR…Musings.

Customizable gifts…the ability for companies to address specific customer desires is the future. This and other options found at CoolHunting.com.

Apartment Therapy features the bold sink with a retro flare by Jonathan Adler and Kohler.

Elementry school in Finland…designed by alt Architects + Architecture Office Karsikas. Featured at Archidose.com. “The hammer shapes the hand”…the environment shapes the experience.

By Jon King

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