Week 44


The Walker Art Center Gift Store is offering these…a great alternative to the stained, lime covered terra-cotta option.


SwissMiss posted this perfect mini-shelf called the “Plank”…which BTW highlights two of my favorite products…Volkswagen (keys) and Apple.


From Values.com…a philanthropic initiative funded by an anonymous family that’s sole purpose is to inspire. You have probably all seen their billboards.


The classic Eames Molded Plastic Chair. Most of you would recognize this as the chair that resides in great mass at the laundry mat, church basement or garage sale…but it is considered a design classic. Originally introduced in 1948 and fabricated out of fiberglass, it is a great example of the times…allowing the structure of the element become part of the design. This was true in architecture as well. Side story…I have learned recently that Ray Eames (Charles wife) was passionately opposed to the use of fiberglass because of its impact on the environment…in 1948!


Holiday gift guide for design savvy kids (or the design savvy kid in all of us) found at Fast Company’s blog called FastCoDesign.com. This is also a great example of how good photography can make or break your immediate reaction to an item.


This is an example of one good thing the internet has done for us. It has allowed individuals to share their view of with the world. I found out about this person, Shara Henderson at Design*Sponge. She is a London portrait photographer who has won national awards and carries a camera with her everywhere. What I believe is of note about her work is that she captures the wonder in our everyday life…not a glorious trip the Bali, not an over funded assent of K2…just a walk down the street provides enough wonder for us all if we look for it.

church-turned-into-a-private-home71Wonderful church conversion. Good example of how a traditional looking home can embrace modern thinking rather than being locked into one or the other….Homedit.com.


New advent calendar. “Dieses würde zuckern dann Festlichkeiten besser sein und Sie konnten es machen sich.” Found at SwissMiss.


Das Programm…a complete source for all Dieter Ram’s work…most of which you will recognize and most of it you will be shocked was designed a long time ago.


Design*Sponge is featuring this…but when I saw it I suddenly realized that there are some group of products that we equally admire both the retro versions and the completely new and would proudly use daily…audio equipment is one of the those groups…clothing isn’t.


A new bicycle company called Public, started by Rob Forbes…the man who originally started Design Within Reach. These are mail order products but you can also buy them locally at Ada Bike Shop. They are so wonderfully done you might mistake them for candy.

Dark Mt. Toffees - Cocoa_Large

New to me…the Kohler brand family now includes a chocolate company.


The latest from Anthropologie…who now has a retail store at Breton Village in East Grand Rapids.


Running low on firewood…no problem…Ecosmartfire products allow you to even design he shape of your flame…long and linear or just one hot spot.

painted-brickThe debate goes on…to paint brick or cover it. Homedit features some visual examples.


“What’s hot in San Francisco”…Hauteliving.com had this article on Ram’s Gate Winery.


Good example of why and how to apply the trend of the “gently weathered wood” look…over at TheDesingerPad.

UntitledWallpaper is featuring this…a photo booth in Japan that prints mini-figures of you with one of the new 3D printers.


ASID Reader’s Choice Awards for 2012 are in…some pretty cool stuff.


Very clever “Hideaway Bins” by Finnish designer Mika Tolvanen…thanking Designer Pad for the find.


(5) “want to be there” get-away’s…many featuring the rustic wood look…but in it’s original application rather than the repurposed version…Homedit.com.


A fun and educational blog from a museum we should all know more about…The Smithsonian Cooper-Hewlett Museum of Design.


A different way to address the need for more space. Musings @ FLOR.


This site is French so I can’t tell you much about it other than there is more to the story then meets the eye at Petitefriture.com.


This house looks like many others you encounter in a host of media’s. But what I find relevent is that it is self-sustaining and done on a budget. The ONLY way that was accomplished was through a close working relations, trust and collaboration between all parties involved. Built in Japan and designed by Andersen Andersen of San Francisco, and featured at Dezeen Magazine.

By Jon King

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