Week 45


Classics like this Nelsen desk are wonderful but they never show them in real use…as an example, just one power cord would impact the functional success of this vignette. More here.


Some decorations are so iconic you don’t dare use them…some like these at homedit.com would be worth steeling and putting back into full use. In ether case there is something covetable about them. Do the products we create today have that tenure?


Swissmiss is featuring this cute cart…yes it’s cute but someone actually tooled for production of this…and the first thing I noticed when I followed the link, is the “WARNING choking hazard” so not only are the tooling guys chuckling but so are the attorney’s.



Designboom is featuring this temporary construction by the French firm architects of air…Dr. Seuss would be proud…except that is made of PVC.



Some really fun stuff found at Paul Cocksedge Shop.


Dvice.com is featuring this…admit it…you’ve shared this dream…a 175ft. long trampoline. I would put a large deep pool at the end.


Coolhunting is on it…as if pets don’t enhance our lives enough. This dog toy by Rogz Grinz is an instant classic. With this in its mouth and you laughing and smiling at him, your dog is going to quickly believe that he is the light or your life.


Umbra enables you to be a city planner too.


Silicone tea lights by Royal VKB & Jan Hoekstra…we were raised to not play with fire but these make it tough.




A dose or reality…most of us in our business worlds strive for a quality record in the high 90’s…we have it easy. In the airline industry that wouldn’t fly. This 30 second time-lapse photo by ho-yeol ryu at the San Diego airport is reveling.


One-upmanship is still a game being played out…Dorthy we are not in St. Louis anymore. This 50 story structure is built-in China and the article is featured in designboom.


At one point during my Steelcase career one of the project teams I was in partook in a team building rope course. Being a Patagonia want-to-be I was fearless, spidering through the ropes high up in the trees. The instructor kept pushing me harder and harder…at one point I was belayed in but walking backwards with my eyes closed across a log that was suspend about 40 ft. up. Knowing that this dude would not give up until I “fell” and eventually just “slipped” off  and was dangling there. His response was one that I will never forget: “you don’t know how good you are until you fail”. Here is Lady GaGa’s version.



Watervilla’s making the best of life on the channel. Designed by Santman van Staaden Architecten and featured in Behance.net.


Wooden desk accessories…part of Core77’s annual gift guide.


Chalkboard laptop…part of the Walker Art Center’s gift guide. Wouldn’t you love to walk into some high-powered strategic planning session with one of these and act completely serious like it was an everyday tool?…then ask if there was an available power outlet?…OK…maybe it only works for designers.


From the “designers to know more about” department…Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. In addition to many other projects, they have done some work for our friends up the street at Herman Miller.



Article at design*sponge features Blackcreek Mercantile…inspiring…and I don’t think this dude is wearing steel toed boots.


Hauteliving: Miami is featuring an article on Daphne Guiness. I don’t honestly know a lot about her but do hear a lot about her..and I don’t think she is wearing steel toed boots ether.


Treehouse…a new type of home improvement center.


From the “how did they do that” department…this house has concrete walls with a solid roof that looks like drapped canvas. The design by nks architects is featured in an article at designboom.


This holiday greeting created by Evan Roth, from the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum is very clever. It took me a minute to figure it out…and when I did, there was a moment of joy.


I don’t know if terrain is a brand of anthropologie or not, but I got this link from one of the anthropologie newsletters. And I love structure, lighting and the spirit that is captured in this photo.


Public Bike Company is offering several color combos for the season.


Wallpaper.com is featuring the work of architects diller-scofidio-renfro on an exhibit called the “the art of scent”.


Fairly fun article on how to deal with boring walls at homedit.com…even if this isn’t the answer there certainly is enough there to get you thinking.


Over at TheDesignerPad there is a nice collection of fireplace images…most of which are from parts of the world where a fireplace is the furnace. Having spent a lot of time in cabins where that was the case…the role this element plays is so much more pivotal on your entire day.


So true. Thank you SwissMiss.


Contract Magazine’s newsletter talkcontract is featuring this article that embraces a healthy work ethic being incorporated into an exhibit at the National Building Museum…admirable…Richard Branson would be proud.



Over at homedit there is a virtual tour of the German Toy Market…something I have always wanted to attend…go for Oktoberfest and stay through this.


Swissmiss found the device…the amplifiear…get it?.


This morning when the sun came up we discovered our first accumulating snow fall of the year…East Grand Rapids, Michigan on 12.8.2012

By Jon King

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