design insights: week 48


As we prepare for the unofficial-official month for organizing…here is a simple one. Swissmiss found this one called “cubby” at a new website called the first website created from kickstarted for other kickstarter products.



The terminal for TWA that was designed by Erro Ssarine at JFK might be getting a second life. DWR (design within reach) is hosting a nice short article on the options with their blog.


Designboom found these…a muzzel is a very embarrassing thing for dog to endure..this makes it worse. Once quaked twice shy.




You probably want to keep you dog on the leash with this one…a new observation tower in Phoenix designed by Big Architecture.


Over at Urban Outfitters, a place I forgot about until I saw the name mentioned at Swiss Miss, they are featuring decorative fry pans…bid deal right?…but if you think about how dwelling designs are trending towards more open storage, using your dangling fry pans as a point of expression is a little more relevent. Or it just might bring a smile to your face every time you pull one of these out of a cupboard.


The hallway…many ways to deal with this but it is often something that is avoided in residential architecture but seldom eliminated completely. Frank Lloyd Wright used them as powerful emotive tools for transition…as if you are born into the room the hall lead to. The one on the left is especially powerful in that regard. It is as if you pass through bands of light, a peek-a-boo window to show your progress and a preview, a hint of the whole room ahead. A few other samples and the complete article are found at


Article that features trends of younger generations and their preferences for K&B options. It appears they have a preference for quality and time-saving over style. This article and links from it to others that highlight some regional differences.


Good time of year for a Dickens quote:


A device that reclaims or re-purposes otherwise wasted space with a device that doesn’t take up much scape. A DYI by Ash Nel is featured at


Hand made in England, these “Mallory” boots from Private White V.C. only cost 295 pounds ($476) but are dry clean only?


The Turtle Shell…an indoor/outdoor bluetooth speaker that is about the size of a iPod. Another in the growing list of successful Kickstarter projects.



Found in various locations of the Netherlands…these Boerenwereldkeuken structure are mobile pop-up restaurants can be reserved for special occasions. A design by Maurer United Achitecrs bv, Sometimes its enough just to have a roof over your head to keep the cool evening air from sliding down the collar of your coat.


John Deere (yes John Deere) training center in Spain. Designed by Victor Perez and highlighted in Architecture


This week I have encountered a lot of “end of year” features. Fast Company’s has the top ten sites for social good. This product being one of them, called GiraDora…is a foot powered, portable washing machine created by two design students: Alex Cabunoc and Ji A You. This simple device saves water, eliminated the risk of deadly molds and helps minimize the time women in Lima spend with the chore which to date is typically 6 hours a day. Time in the slums of Cerro Verde that could be spent protecting their children. Suddenly the brake dust on the wheels of our German imports doesn’t seem like such a big deal.


For you green freaks (the color)…TheDesignerPad has these decorating tips.

green-neon-kitchen-countertop is going out onto the ice a predicting some trends for the new year…no longer can we say no to day-glo.

hidden-bedroom has an article on hidden locations reveled by articulating storage devices. Some of the ORG Home dealers have incorporated this idea into their client projects over the years. Maybe Santa didn’t slip down the chimney?



This “pre-fab structure” came up a lot over the year. This was originally featured in LIFE magazine and was designed by Jens Risom. It is still holding true to intent 50 years later. Located on Block Island near Rhode Island…it’s use of nice human scale proportions, materials and embracing a design that ages well because it supports the family who own it with out stress. FLOR’s blog Musing has a nice quick article on it.

NEW wfour logo 100x100

“100% custom in 4-6 weeks”.


The Kanye West x Nike…as seen in the article at GQ magazine.


This installation is one or ours at Home ORG. The concept here was to create a organizational solution that is inclusive to the user rather than exclusive. In other words, create an ethos in the space that you become part of, you actually step into rather than walk past of, or stand in front of. I did this by creating the “roof” cloud that cantilevers out into the space and defines a micro zone within the macro. Here the couple has a more intimate location to compare notes for the day, read the paper, sip coffee, watch the weather (a big past time in Michigan). I also created concealed storage for archival elements being that you don’t interact with them as often.


Alessi is now offering a whole line of nice watches…and other fun household items…but how fitting is it to end the blog year by featuring a unit that measures time.

By Jon King

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