design insights: week 50


crescent07Crescent House found at design…designed by Shigeru Ban Architects. Two things about this dwelling of note…1) this is a good example: pushing the limits of a material 2) I wonder what it would be like to live in a dwelling where the light source is only and always on one side.


Continuing with its history of wit and levity, this series of graphics is worth collecting the whole set. Designed by Anthony Burrill and found at The Designer Pad.


Yes…sometimes art can be disturbing…this one is tame compared to some of the stuff I find on these blogs. Ceramic tableware by Ronita Baranga is posted at This part an exhibit called “Handle with care” at the Treinnale Design Museum in Italy.



425 Park_View from Pepsi Cola Building_CMYK_big


“Designers to know more about file”: Rem Koolhaas. You would recognize his work and as indicated at designboom, he was just appointed “Director of Venice Architecture Biennale 2014”. Rem’s work is controversial, very diverse and very innovative. His work includes graphic publications, fashion show catwalks for Prada, a museum in Texas, retails stores…his work is all over the globe.


I heard about this on NPR…Audi and Stanford University have developed a car that drives itself. They have obtained a licence in the State of Utah to test it on public roads. Courtesy of Stanford University…check out this YouTube video of the modified Audi TTS doing close to 120mph.


They talk. When the big one is turned on or off, the little one does too…even if you have it placed on the other side of the world…that way you can see when your friends are up, or out. A design called Good Night Lamp was introduced at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this year.

Concord 3

Concord 1

3Form announces it’s annual “best installation” awards…this was entry #33: Concord elementary School designed by HMFH Architects, Inc. I would be hard to have a bad day in place like this.

office-design has some REAL photos of some REAL home offices…in other words…notice how these offices have technology in place, and are decorated as if someone actually lives there. The article offers tips but what stuck me instantly is how the walls and used to keep the worksurfaces clear.

op-heroMethod is working to free the oceans of plastic…this link will tell you the story.


The Ace…a new hotel chain that began in Seattle is providing a whole new experience…and a line of clothing.


A new log splitter…this and video’s of several others are located at Core77. You still have to load the BIG log and pick up all the parts right?


Slide show from Design Week Tokyo.

hostel-takeover-bunk-bedDwell has this story of a hotel that has been updated…upon learning that this hotel is in Mexico City…I concluded that it made perfect sense given the use of material. It represents a wonderfully updated approach without abandonment of the past.




Sleepbox…a concept highlighted in an article at is finally coming into fruition. They are now in use in Moscow…you rent them by the hour, and the design incorporates an automated linen changing feature.

PK_Berner-Oberland_Spiegelung_800px_WEB-480x87A new line of serrated knifes that mimic the peaks in Switzerland…found at…of course…or you can go ahead and buy on-line at the store


Audi takes LED lighting to a completely new level…again. Designboom has this article on Audi’s both at CES…where they offered several new designs up for input including one called the “swarm” which mimics a live fire.



Stunning. Coolhounting is featuring this project created by the Belgian architect group CAAN Architects is so incredibly effective. So powerful without screaming an architectural word. Then the window inserts that are framed by the original windows make for even more wonder and rhythm. Then as if there isn’t enough served on the plate…the use of colors adds depth, richness and intrigue to the story…you would just want to stand there and stare at it, or even better…walk all around it to see what else they have done.


S.N.O.R.T. Rescue…a resource dedicated the rescue of bulldogs and other mouth breathers.




An addition to a dentist’s office blurs the line that delineates the out doors from the indoors in an attempt to bring peace to the process of dental work. This article at dezeen features several images of the structure designed by Shift Architects in the Netherlands. The effect is pretty powerful but as applied to a dental studio it might be too harsh.




Yet another reason to go roam around the Alps. Dezzen discovered that the architect Peter Zumthor, the most recent winner of the  Royal Gold Metal for architecture is renting out his family retreat in Leis in Vals, Switzerland.

UntitledImpressive marketing strategy…Buick is offering scholarships for higher-ed. A great way to get younger people and/or thier parents learning more about the brand.


Prada and LG collaborate on a co-branded phone.

By Jon King

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