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Eco friendly designs…built in Pennsylvania…iannone designs limitied.

3525_group_krenit_allcolors_abstract2012The Krenit bowl series by Herbert krenchel and offered at the Danish store Norman.



A shelving concept so accurately called “barnacles”…found at plodes studio.


If Mother Hubbard had a bathtub in her shoe home…this would have been it. The Cabrits is now available from Victor+Albert volcanic limestone baths.

FAB28UORSmed is offering its “50’s retro” fridge in dozens of colors…addressing the need that they claim exists because consumers are getting sick of stainless steel.

UntitledA quote from my favorite doctor.

One click poll.


Part of a new boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. Studio Gang Architects did this work. I found it at the weekly dose of architecture blog. This zoo is actually a city park and is free except for parking and just north of downtown…well worth the time. They have a great polar bear pool and primate house as well.

Polaroid-Fotobar-1Polaroid is venturing into another endeavor…they will be opening “photo bars” across the country where you enter and publish your prints.


Ice cubes from the company Dexas in Texas…The manufacture states that these are BPA free. I don’t know how safe these silicone products are to use with food service but the colors and forms are fun…and they will not chip your porcelain sink.


A color guide that is destined to help both pre and post consumption of the golden fluid by Beertone. Notice this one is the Swiss Edition…which leave you wondering how many others there are and how different can they be from country to country…can you say “road trip”?


Some pretty spectacular wall treatments that technically are classified as wall paper but you be the judge…Graham & Brown.


According to the online magazine Dezeen, the Iraqi Parliament is battling a failure of iconic architecture both in function and dated visuals. This concept named “Assemblage” won a contest for the government. It includes open areas, adjacent buildings and local planning.


Dezeen is featuring this harbor side housing project called “Isbjerget”created by the architect firm JDS Architects and CEBRA. It is intended to replicate floating icebergs. Not the first thing you think of when dreaming about a warm cozy home but the similarity is striking.



E-place by DVO and designed by Gianantonio Perin and Giorgio Topan. Installs in “seconds”. What I like about it is the nice balance it strikes between youthful play and adult function…not to harsh and not to sophomoric.


Created by the Mexican ad firm Menosunocerou, I found this post at Deezzen…an “end of the world-just in case kit” that includes water, matches, knife, note paper, booze, chocolate, fire fuel, etc. I should keep one in my trunk for my commute or get one for my daughters dorm room. Powerful and functional graphics but an equally powerful message.

LaCie-BladeRunner-3Philippe Starck…”a designer you should know something about”…has collaborated with Lacie on their latest desktop hard drive.

Fantastic-Frank-real-estate-yatzer-14If ever you get a chance to try this…do it. When your moving into a new place or leaving an old one…it is the most freeing way to wake up. No clutter from the past, no cues about the future tasks…just a bed, in the middle of the room. I did this once on a cold winter weekend at a cabin in Northern Michigan. My wife and I moved the bed closer to the fire…I have never woke up more at peace then I did that weekend. This image was found at FLOR’s blog. is highlighting the branding work done by this new frozen yogurt company: FRAE.


Time change…according to daily dose of architecture, the clock atop the Abraj Al Bait (Makkah Royal Clock Tower Hotel) dwarfs the predecessors.

Photo-Joshua-White-71002Designwire Daily is featuring this article on the introduction of Frank Gehry‘s new “Fish Lamp”. Surprisingly recognizable as such given his previous work.


Coolhunting has an article on the Las Vegas Neon Museum. This is pretty amazing if you think about it…some true icons in the American story in an outdoor museum.


From an article on great outdoor spaces at dwell. I cannot help but ask why, with this view, would you place a monolithic beast in the middle of it…is this design for the design sake?

1671665-inline-s4a6612door-uplightsFast Company’s FastCo gives the new Telsa X a beating.


2The team from Inhabitat went to Detroit to checkout the green autos being introduced…forget green…VW introduced the “Cross Blue”.


What role does color have in branding?…article by

1671650-inline-08-glamour-cst-01-pair-4by3With its E-ink display this watch is the worlds thinnest and is off and running thanks to As stated in the article at it is .8 mm thick and does nothing but tell time…even changing the time is done when the unit is on it’s charging post.…good article on why “orange accents work”.

compact-house-in-australian-outbackMicro guest houses…or mini-cabins, ether way pretty cool. Having your own space when visiting someone may be something that is appreciated only with age but what a great way to make guest really feel like they are taking a break from their everyday world. 5 designs for such a gift are found at

PRODUCT_FEATURES_02I once worked on a study that was initiated to define the emerging needs of technology integration on college campuses. One of the take aways we witnessed was whoever had the extension cord was king. This was also the case 3 years ago when my family and I took the Amtrak from Michigan to Glacier National Park. There was only one duplex accessible and it was in the “observation car”. We all took turns charging our whatever. It’s amazing that this product is just now getting play. I found it at SwissMiss…it is available on-line at Quirky Products.

ADD10Simply beautiful. Beautifully simple. A new series of casegoods designed by Werner Aisslinger and offered through FLOTOTTO. I found it at designboom.

nike_basketball_socks_01New basketball socks by Nike. Of course. Great way to expand market share without any need for additional distribution points…sell more through the same channel. This photo is from designboom.


An exhibit called “invisible man” by Liu Bolin at Galerie Paris-Beijing. A subtle commentary on the absence of human interface among all our technology. I don’t know if that is what this artist was trying to say…but that is what struck me first…then I wondered how he got all these phones to not switch to screen saver mode at the same time. The original article is at designboom.

before_after_newestFuturebrand overhauls a classic.

hotpostgrid 011413

What is this lady doing with that rabbit in the kitchen?…maybe apartment therapy could tell us…

By Jon King

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