design insights: 53


FLOR labels this look “modern vintage”…so accurately.


This is a great little video on the
ABC’s of Architects…click here to watch…it’s about 15 seconds long…and brought to you from Fedelpeye.


Former design editor for Newsweek, Bruce Nussbaum has written an article at in which he states how Apple is loosing its appeal.

slip_shelf_smallSlip Shelf by Gitta Gschwendtner.


“Hand Puppets” by Hector Serrano.


Urban beehive…found at design I would mistake them for children’s stools. They are actually well thought out and designed by Rowan Dunford, for a good harvest.


New spin on a classic concept by Christian Kim. The Zwilling Clock.




“Homework Table” by Tomas Kral for Not often you see the power cord so well-considered and managed…not to mention a VW Matchbox as a prop.



Although benign from the street…this house, featured at dezeen was designed by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates has some incredible spaces house within. with no hint as to how the place is held up. And a TV that consists of a projected image onto the wall.


In the market of some original Braun design pieces?…this 1000 piece collection features the work of the famed Dieter Rams and is up for sale!


Mashable had discovered that Google has added a hike through the Grand Canyon to it’s “street view”…amazing.


Blackberry (yes Blackberry) introduces a new touch screen phone….see the details here at designboom.


I have never heard of the Archigram Group but apparently the are important enough to have their own book and an editor from Daily Dose of Architecture found one in a vintage book store. I can’t get past the cover…the colors make it look like it’s jumping off the page.


finished-wood-house4 is featuring this “log cabin” that was designed by Arkkitehtitoimisto Louekari in Finland. What I think is of note with this project is the use of what typically is seen as a commodity material (pine) used in a beautiful fashion. Supporting the theory that it’s not the material, but the craftsmanship that matters.


Where was this when we needed one…or two? The Lotus Travel Crib.


Okay, this is a bit of a reach as it pertains to design relevance but this feature at designboom of tulip farms photos in the Netherlands by Bruxelles5 are worth highlighting.


Designboom is featuring this new line of “street furniture” called Poa by Studio Brichertziegler. Wonderful use of form and material, organic in nature…looking modern but accomplished with flowing forms rather than just sections of pure simple geometries.


Wow…how would like to be hiking through the woods and come across this place…I would probably knock on the door and see if Frodo is home. This one is for real. Designed by Robert Oshatz for the Wilkinson’s in Oregon. Designboom has the complete story on this green home.



The wall ate my chair. “Wallhax” coat hanger by Geof Ramsay.


Monkey Business is out to make sure you start your day with a little bit of sunshine.


Continuing with its tradition of instilling humor in its product offering, Alessi introduces this duck timer by Eero Aarnio. Available in 3 colors incase one isn’t enough for you. Although it is so new it is not on their website yet, designboom has more photos. This is a good match for the sunshine egg above right?

By Jon King

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