design insight: 55


Presidents Day highlight…your own lovable USB drive found at Gizmodo. Just what you need…a president in your pocket.


If any of you have ever camped and concluded that there is room for improvement and efficiency…here is an idea that might help. From


Great concept for small spaces…like a cottage. Wouldn’t it be cool to be sitting at the breakfast table with a few others at your retreat, and see these doors swing open and the occupant peal out? Pinerest.

UntitledDouble-bladed-chopper-salad-tosser-thing…by Truedeau.


Real Simple magazine has some good ideas for re-purposed common items.



Designboom…super simple bike lights that are held together magnetically by kibisi.


Sherwinn-Williams newsletter Stir has an interesting article on questions that help you understand your client.


Graphically stricking…this building found at archdaily, has a very excentric design story…one that I can’t follow but it does make for interesting photos. Designed by Aires Mateus.


Design semantics: a giant camera house found at designboom and designed by mA-style.

img_1_1360499375_a32f169879cf77ef1a61a3d904166546A nice alternative for backyard illumination…a nice balance between the old rice paper ball and bare lamps. The Zero light.


Beautifully geometric glass house…you provide the Windex. Found at Homedit, located in the Netherlands and designed by Hans van Heeswijk Architects. There are some surprisingly nice spaces in this dwelling.

clutter-busters-color-boxesFolded metal boxes…modular and stackable in landscape or portrait fashion. Designed by Henriette W. Leth and available for $100 each at Normann Copenhagen.


Designboom is featuring this “child’s innovation center” located in Valencia. The interior (although photographed prior to occupation) seems a bit sterile. Designed in a collaborative fashion by M2 distribución.



Designed to specifically hold a MacBook Pro and an iPad…this new bag is from San Fransisco’s Crumpler.


Designboom has a nice story and video clips on Porsche‘s 50 year celebration of the iconic “911”. What is so wonderful is that given a choice, I don’t know which of the two above I would choose.


Pet crash dummy…tested by the people at sleepypod for their pet carriers.


Swivel chair & desk combo. The designer calls it #006 SideSeat by Studio Makkink & Bey. Available from Proof.


The team at FLOR’s musing came across this…an alternative to a steep stairs…now fill your arms with a big bale of laundry and give it a go.

sine_cable_standJust think of the aftermarket created to address the popularity of the Apple products…this one is pretty cool. available in several different colors at urban prefer.


And speaking of Apple…how timely…first photos of the iWatch they are working on. Found at Yanko Design.

By Jon King

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