design insights: 56



Just when several of us are feeling the first desires for spring gurgle up within our sole…the team at FLOR’s Musings blog finds this resort to share with us…in any weather this would be a great view to wake up under.


“Bead lights”…by Marz…something you could fashion with the kid’s toys now that they are off to school.


Nike uses 3D printing to protoype it’s new football shoe…seen here at


New calendars by Block Design.

Ceramic_dog_shaped_table_lamp_01Ceramic dog lamp…found at Dog Milk…it might be haunting to have this on your nightstand staring at you all the time but at least it is one terrier that doesn’t bark.


Wonderfull series of simple architectural graphics by Andre Chiote.


Fasinating traffic circle by Llublijana’s Enota. It also incorporates a water feature.



Nice, warm and modern interior…I love the use of the little white figures through out the space. I found this artice at Home but this design is by  Steve Leung Designers.


More on the iWatch…this take is by Tolga Tuncer.


Having a bed shapped like a rocket is one thing but this duvet takes it to the next level…outer space?


Super simple “black desk”…maybe to simple…by Sigurd Larsen.


The National Journal has some incredible photos of our White House.

Dieter Rams

More here.


Finally…a bottle opener iPhone case..a app they couldn’t figure out until now.


Switch…the new bluetooth speaker.


Traullit Dekor’s new wall tiles…at their site you can even create your own designs.


Coke Light cans by Marc Jacobs…creative director.


Simple form to match the simple setting…all leads to a simple life. Nice to come home to. A design by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects…I can’t figure out where this dwelling is but it appears to be somewhere in Europe with a view of the sea and the site I got the image from is ArchDaily.


“Hillside Sideboard” for Arlex by Claesoon Koivisto Rune.


A friend of mine at work showed this to me…a very memorable way to illustrate how much water the average person uses…without even knowing it…everylastdrop. Click on the link and watch the numbers add up.


Yet another cool school…makes you want to be there…which is perhaps the idea. This one was designed by Arkitema Actitects, is located in Fredrikshavn, Denmark and the article on the space is at


Homedit compiled a nice collection of unforgettable home offices…this one may be application specific but it takes formed plywood to a new level…wonder if it ships in one box?


New way to conserve water…one of those “why didn’t I think of that” ideas by Kaspars Jursons.


Wall dresser by Jacob Granat.


I don’t think the birds care but this is a house with a view. The Pip-Pip bird feeder by SMD-Design.


Somethings in nature are just so perfect, you shouldn’t even go there. A new height in GM foods.


The GAF Viewmaster for the current centry. A 3D viewer for your iPhone by donya.

By Jon King

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