design insights: 57


Non-handed table…wait…aren’t most?…this one is part of a series found at

nail_aotwThe new ad from BMW for it’s new run-flat tires…found at Wonder if they make flip-flops for kids too.


A new house in The Hampton’s designed by Abiboo Architects was inspired by the pivotal motion of a Swiss Army Knife.


Airberg…a new line of sofa’s that were inspired by iceberg’s for Jean-Massaud…how often does one actually see a iceberg?



The REK bookshelf…by Reiner de Jong.

kalon_unit_1_grandeThin, small foot print, bamboo end table & magazine rack…found at The Shop.


Designmilk is featuring this article that presents several nice spaces with just enough “accent” color to not dominate and allow the occupants to still have a voice…well done.


Surprise…this is a Capital One office…so much for the gladiator thing.


Not Chicago’s “chrome bean”…but equally as fascinating. This reflective pool of ideas is in France and designed by Fostner + Partners.


Cordless water heater concept…if the cord were not coming out below the handle, this unit would be disguised well on your counter. Designed by Di Tao.


From an article on “tiny houses” at Some…no way…some so sweet.


Limited edition Maharam sofa by Hella Jongerius for Vitra. Designed to mimic the landscape of the Dutch Netherlands. It looks even better in the bigger photo.


Pininfarina introduced this concept car at Geneva…no windshield…but it does come with crash helmets. It’s name sake Sergio Pininfarina has designed many, many cars that you would recognize, including many Fiat’s and Ferrari’s. This is about the close as you can get to riding a motorcycle with 4 wheels…and what it would feel like to be a dog with your head out the window.



New location for rental units…this one called “the balancing barn”…I thought you were suppose to get comfortable and relax when on vacation?


Meile (appliances) is introducing a new line of “bright white” to contend with the classic stainless steel…this is a sweet line of solutions.


Put your pet to work…no batteries needed.


The new Jaguar F-Type…the first 2-seater they have introduced in a long time.


The internally illuminated sink…why not?


A new line of clothing called Yosemite by James Perse of Los Angeles.


Looking more like a weapon…the “citrus reamer” from


The Fridge Locker…as seen on TV!


According to the Sherwin-Williams newsletter “Stir”…pastels are making a come back…just in time for Easter.

00df37474123c1729e1de44496a36c8fA new clothing factory in Kanakapura…making what was once a sweat shop industry admirable again.


Archidose is giving you the chance to voice an opinion on modern vs. traditional vernacular.


Even the smallest of details…the strike zone on these match boxes by Shane Schneck becomes the element of beauty.



New “lapel lamp” from Snow Peak…great for reading, fly-fishing or dining in the dark.


Wonderful building designed by Carney Logan Burke Architects. This is the headquarters for the Rockefeller Preserve in Moose Wyoming. More here at designboom.

By Jon King

2 comments on “design insights: 57

  1. Jon, the iceberg sofa curve invites a snuggle with a child. The REK nesting bookcase – wonder how it is stabilized when the units are pulled out. Is the pastel gingerbread tiny house meant for children? I’m glad to hear from you, hope you are in good fettle. I’m not keeping up my blogs, have drifted into Facebook and family photos.

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