design insights: 58


The extra room upstairs…the attic. Remember the forts we had has kids? And the intimate spaces that attics create, you wonder why anyone would build a house with 10′ ceilings. This article at FLOR’s Musing has several other images.


Home Design Ideas has a nice collection of kids play rooms…one of the common themes is a lot of natural light. Truth and youth.


Some wonderfully crafted elements from a studio in London.


Fritz Hansen’s site.


A new natural option for breath spray…“hello” products.


Amazingly cleaver…a bathtub that articulates just to save water.


A different way to look at skateboards…


To be honest…I’m not sure how to say the name of the country this building is in but it reminds me of all the aged white birch trees I have come across while traversing through the northern woods.


Large impression…small footprint…house in Japan.


Interior Design Magazine “find”…the Diana Collection?


Hidden secrets…a “cupboard” by Jean-Michel Frank for Hermes.

1681433-slide-1671728-slide-method-1Rethink the packing…make it part of the product. An article one of my fellow bloggers at EasyClosets forwarded onto me (Thank You).


New tables…“blush” by Spell.


The Blastmaster…let it rock and let it roll.


On the border between the land of super simple and why didn’t I think of that…this idea from


An exercise in truly understanding your materials…this “low rider” is discussed at designboom.


Dwell just posted some very nice reminders that spring…is in fact on it’s way.

Note to the readers…I am experimenting with some alternate news feeds. Google is shutting it’s down so bear with me as we make the transition.

Thank You.

By Jon King

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