design insights: 59


The do all table trick.


Some of these are a repeat…but follow this link to view some simple and clever shelving.


Yes…this could be your back yard…but if you want to dream of others romantic places…check this out.


I am opting to broaden the vernacular with this blog to include more than “modern”…in reality there are great things going on regardless of which style is your favorite. So…with that in mind, how about this classic French home’s pool?…coming home after a long day at the desk and diving in would be a complete day restart.


All right…so maybe this one is only relevent if you live in Michigan…but here are some DIY projects that emphasis the use of “raw birch”.


Wood in bathrooms is always a spooky proposition…but the effect is so inviting…see more here.


Need some custom stickers?…try this site.


I am not familiar with the Frank Lloyd Wright house but it’s on the market.


Trend Hunter has collected images of several battery-powered scooters…so long blue smoke.


Of course…tired of you spoon sliding around the rim or leaving a stain on your whatever?…lock it into place with this nice detail…like a fly-fisher’s drift boat provides a place to stand…so does this mug.

daily-essentialsNice collection of, and celebration of the simple things.


Rebirth of the leather suite case.


New (to me?) watch company…Void.


He’s back!


Amazing before and after.


The Dolphins get re branded…I guess I never knew the original had such an attitude…but I like the new one too.


I was told not to play with my food…but maybe if I had I would have been an architect…or perhaps a city planner.

By Jon King

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