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Overade’s folding bike helmet…a crowd sourced project from France.


The NanoLeaf LED light bulb.


The Stilo hand shower by A unique shape for a shower head…more like a wand.


The  new blender-do-all chef machine from Kenwood that can also cook while it does the other stuff.


From the Lindal Cedar Home site. Not often to you see this color combo…in this order right? Usually it’s the cabinets that are wood and the walls white. Pleasant change and nice warm feeling.

Untitled 1.51.33 PM

This…is a cake stand from Williams-Sonoma.


You may have heard about this on NPR, a team at Harvard has developed micro robots. Dezeen picked up the article and has video footage of them in flight.


KBIS what’s hot in kitchen and bath report.


Yanko Design is featuring a stroller they claim you will love. Did you ever see the movie Boy in the Bubble?

35rtlbSherlock Holmes must have left this one behind…a new “time machine”.


At a time when there is so much hard to hear news in the world, this article on our most colorful cities is a nice change.


To further blur the distinction between furniture and architecture…and form vs. function. This dwelling could fuel a long debate.




Fish Creek Studio; Jackson Hole, Wyoming by JLF Architects.

The Dragonfly…according to Architectural Digest, will be available for charter starting this summer. Sorry, I have it the first week of August.


Undeniably stable…apartment therapy has this cohesive collection of stools for you to check out.

tA new eco-tooth brush that allows you to keep the handle and toss the top. Much like a shaver. I have read about mountain climbers and backpackers who are perhaps a bit fanatical but would cut their tooth brushes off to save weight…now it’s a marketable trend.

SF_Anton_Honeycomb_2011_grandeYes…even a humidifier can be a thing of wonder.



Cork and cork screw side table from Goncalo Campos Studio.


impactful. Color saturation used to define space. The Designer Pad has more on this dwelling.


Pine…the commodity wood…used here so tastefully. Proof again that it’s how the material is applied, not always the material that makes the difference.

zaa30020I didn’t know this, and just found out thanks to the Kohler Blog…but March 22nd is “world water day”. Being one who grew up in an area so dependent on the Great Lakes I thought this was worth mention.

2-teracrea-recover-umbrella-coat-stand-600x900You have some dripping rain wear?…design milk found the impressive coat rack for you.



And yet another pine ceiling…this must be the post for it…found at in an article about island get a way’s.


The updated porch swing from Paola Lenti (price available upon request…)


I had guessed the plumber ran out of material but apparently I was wrong…this is available at a store in Miami.


Keep an eye out for this light…I bet you will start to see it in a lot of “sets”. The Zeppelin light by FLOS.


The “Weave” cupboard by Lukas Dahlen…the Danish continue to do wonderful things with wood.


The Schoolhouse extension cord…this site is full of wonderful period pieces.


The new Mercedes-SLS AMG GT Coupe…the gull-wing is back. I saw one of these the other night the dealership in our area…the picture does not do it justice, but it still isn’t a BMW Z8 or an Aston Martin 007.

By Jon King

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