insights 64


Cristie’s is auctioning off parts of Dunsborough Park in England. If you put your flight on your charge card, you might get enough points to buy a door knob.


New bluetooth sound box that has a 10 hour battery and a speaker phone. By Rocksteady.


3D printer used to fabricate a cast.


The ability to obtain “big name designs” at big box retailers continues as indicated in this article at apartment therapy.


Clearly a “first world problem solution” but Orvis is now offering a stink free dog color that will not harbor germs and bacteria after it gets wet or sweaty.


Pretty good article on Feng Shui. Even if you embrace a small part of it, it is still pretty good stuff.

contemporary-bedroom-18-600x433Nice collection of “contemporary bedrooms” imagery.


I just want to tip my hat to our friends at the Container Store who are celebrating 35 years in the business. Not only do I enjoy their stores but if you follow their blog you will discover that 98% of the content is about their people and/or the good they do in the community. Great work you guys.


Some interesting ways to re-use old books. dwell.


These are just simple kid’s hangers from IKEA but I like the graphics of this image. It’s from an article on treating yourself to more than just wire hangers found at The Designer’s Pad.


The Hooper Table with shade…only $11,000 from Janus et Cie.


The site Seeds, has done a great job of tying a color range into an image that links to our memories and emotions. Very easy way to enable understanding of colors and making them relatable.


Tribute to the human spirit as documented with GoPro camera’s.



Carbon fiber bathtub.



Tiny mobile shelter. Only 200 square feet.


Check this site out. They have all sorts of cool things to make your pets life and thus your’s better.


For those of us that still actually buy DVDs, this storage rack design was inspired by the bouncing bars of sound waves on AV equipment.


Self leveling wall shelf. It is pictured with books but I’m sure it would be cool with baseball gloves, purses, bike helmets and a whole host of other things too. Perhaps not a gold-fish bowl.



So simple. Easy to store. Could be carved out of sheets of recycled product too.


Wavegarden found in Spain. Fantastic idea highlighted at Cool Hunting.


New tool for brainstorming. Perhaps now we can finally quit using the term “think outside the box”.



Proof (no pun intended) that a good matrix always makes things more clear. But it might not matter after a few samplings of this new vodka. Not that I am promoting this product…I just want you to be aware of whats new…but it does happen to be Friday and I am getting thirsty.


Flexible and easy to clean. I wonder how much more per ounce the pre-shredded cheese is over buying a block and doing it yourself?



Remember when all our stuff had a wood element to it? Great article on the history and the trend at Co.Design.


From BH&G. I am starting to see this more and more… the planking expressed as a wall treatment. Very nice ether painted or rustic.


Maybe its just the lake in the background or the dog in the foreground… but this is a good example of “warm modern”.


Industrial Studio’s new system for Herman Miller.


Laser tattoo on your fruit. No more sticky labels to deal with. How cool is that?


A guy I work with said he found something that is applicable to our industry in the SkyMall catalog during his last flight. I went to check it out but couldn’t get past this must have for any home. As far as I know it is not designed by Phillipe Stark.


TrueCar did a gender preference study on who likes what car. Interesting results found here.


Photos of a sports arena in Spain, 1935 and designed by Carlos Arniches. A testament to pushing material to its greatest ability, incorporating historic queues while blending in new elements. The roof on this structure is concrete…in 1935?

By Jon King

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