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More proof that we love our pets. Or maybe this is where this family keeps the toxic stuff?




Wonderful compound style retreat. Simple yet warm and familiar materials and forms. Clean yet inviting.


I don’t know. Something about the self illuminated house number caught my eye. It’s not in a spot, it’s not neon but it is very easy to read.


Craftsman kitchen update in Minnesota. This pantry closure is a great way to allude to the things stored there but also maintain the clutter.


HOT NEWS… one of our brands: Easy Closets, just introduced a series of media centers. These KD units are available in three styles, dozens of configurations, scalable to fit your space and ship rapidly for free. These were designed, developed and brought to market by our own internal teams and are manufactured in the USA.


Ralph Lauren celebrate’s his 30th year in the business with a new eclectic collection of furnishings.

101660019.jpg.rendition.largest has this article on small kitchens. Regardless, think about how having twin sinks in the kitchen side-by-side with their own faucets would ease the daily tasks. Now you can double task, mix drinks, wash vegetables, rinse hands, hot-to-cold, etc.




More fuel for the ongoing debate about the need for there to be some harmonious link between exterior, additions and interior spaces. The original structure here was originally a water tower.


Groovie Math blocks by Uncle Goose, a company located in Grand Rapids, Michigan (my home town).


This tiny pre-fab cabin took a lot of thought to design. Little events like a rain turn into something special with this center focus roof line that creates a down-spout into a bed of rocks.


Programs for 3D printing your own shoes. What else could be served up this way? Towel hooks, key racks, Christmas decorations, gift boxes, it’s pretty endless and could be a big business.



A Italian villa for you modernist.


Tiles serving as more than flooring, shower stalls and back splash.


I admit, this is hard to pull off in area’s other than cabins and cottages, but here is an article for the DIY’ers out there who would like to experience the true thrill of the outdoor shower.



This home named “Fire Fly Hill” is part re-purposed material, classic references and new design thinking.


This home is in Cleveland Ohio and over-looks the old “industrial flats”. I am becoming more and more aware of what the right lighting can do for a structure. Simple forms, minimal material changes, but I wonder what they do about window treatments?


This old-barn-become-home in California, is a great example of what I suspect is a style we will hear more about in the future: “warm modern”.


This Canadian company: Threepears has some pretty cool and long-lasting products for our youth.


Something so simple and nice here. It’s from a Canadian company but made of American black walnut. Vintage yet not.


The new Brita stainless steel water pitcher/filter. Perhaps by making this type of products a bit nicer (like this one) we would be more inclined to use them and reduce unnecessary plastic consumption in our life.


Amazing how a material that you would not expect forms from can be pushed to its limits.


The new Holly Hunt “out-door canvas” collection with Sunbrella. Clearly not your grandfather’s tent canvas anymore.


Modular, interlocking wall panels have come a long way, especially when combined with the right lighting. Any of you who have ever had to contend with “modularity” in your creation process knows what a challenge this can be.


Amazing, this is red cedar. A commodity material applied in a beautiful fashion. Another Gensler success.



Same point. both the above images are re-purposed “containers” if you think about it. These don’t feel like the force fit.


Although your dog might not like this concept, Orvis is now offering dog print kitchen hand towels. Remember those toys we had as kids with the silhouette of a face and chain nose that would change as you tip it? Think of the fun you could have by folding these in different patterns. Or combining different dogs!




Good article on how adding a little stone to your kitchen can suggest history and increase charm regardless of the overall vernacular.

By Jon King

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