insights 66


Finally. This house has hit the market for only $24 million. Located in Pennsylvania you might only get to use the pools during the summer, but you could use all 7 of the bathrooms year round. Designed by Edmund Gilchrist.


9 mm sheets of bamboo laminated to make a flexible stool. By Chen Min. And in a pinch you could steam it and have dinner.


The Better Homes & Garden trend team claims that refurbished bar carts are hot in this article.


This new flip book by Colibri can be yours for only $7,000. Being sold as kinetic art at the new museum store. Cost aside it would be pretty cool to have in your kids room or bathroom.




ORG Home has introduced two new finishes, Caviar (top) and Thoroughbred (bottom) along with several new creature comfort accessories to its offering. Proving that it can truly provide solutions for any vernacular or any area of the home.


Another successful KickStarter project, this little bench bookshelf concept is simply simple. By Strand Design.


This pitcher, part of the American Modern Dinnerware collection by Russell Wright is still available at Bauer Pottery Co. It’s original origin goes back to the 1930’s. This is part of a collection that you probably sold in a garage sale for $1.00… to bad!


Another fabulous Philippe Starck design for emeco is a stacking chair called “broom” because it is made from 90% recycled material that would have been “swept up and thrown in the dumpster”.


I can’t exactly figure this company out but I love it. Shinola is a Detroit based company that makes wonderful watches, bikes, leather goods and journals? Every little detail emits quality and heritage.


This simple little cork cap series by neo-utility turns any ordinary water-glass into a nice vase.


Sweet little cord keeper called “nibbles”. Get it? The website has several other species too.


Redefining the term wallflower, these oversized appliqués could brighten any room, no sunlight or watering required.


The Charles side table by weego home. Interesting pull choice given the overall style of the unit.


This complete line of outlets called “series 22” is available from the Canadian company Bocci. I don’t believe their electrical codes are much different then ours.


Custom steel windows. From Portella. I wonder if your tongue would stick to them in the winter?


Nice little deskscape available at


I already ordered one. And I don’t have an iPhone.


HGTV magazine polled over 2,000 people to determine which style of house they would prefer to live in. Check it out. The results might surprise you. Or maybe not, this is America after all.


The John Boos & Co. edge grabbing maple cutting board. If you have ever used a wooden miter box, you know how beneficial this lip-over-the-edge-of-your-counter (I made that title up) could be.


Trudeau’s new daisy timer. Must be my week for posting yellow stuff.


Sherwin-WIlliams just introduced a new line of colors for Pottery Barn.


Just in time for school to start. A keyboard from Logitech that can take it.


Pie slice clock revels the hours in a new way as the minutes tick by. Found at design  And yes there is a yellow one.


A nice personal desk named “Tide” by the brother design team of Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. Designers you should know something about. Not only is the height adjustable but it creates a nice little enclave for you to nestle up to.


Do you have a fuzzy little K9 at your side? This new toy called a JW Whirl wheel is a Frisbee and tug of war toy all rolled up into one handy, easily cleaned chew toy. From


De Festa Aglow Lantern. Wonderful if lit or not. From Olive & Cocoa. Patina on some old copper and zinc. As if found in an old barn.


How is this for a living room view? A barn conversion project ends with incredible, warm-modern results in Washington State. The title of this article is “Until the cows come home”.


Interior Design Magazine has this article on an airfield that was converted to a daycare center. Wonderful spaces for learning, creating and enabling the growth of an interest in learning. Apparently the have dandelions in Germany too.


This product called “the flying carpet” is wonderfully designed in the sense that it enables what is natural behavior for teenagers. I wonder how they ship it? By

By Jon King

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