design insights: 67

tumblr_msvnoqy9n71s8rodeo1_500Kohler has redesigned their blog to include a new “home ideas” page which is very Pinterest like but focused solely on home thinking.


Dwell hosted a modern house tour on Fire Island this summer featuring houses like this one originally designed by Horace Gilford in 1963.

an-american-bookshelf-in-london_0Designed by a Russian Architect to illustrate his love for America.


Yeti coolers. Their motto says it all… “wildly stronger, keeps ice longer”. Where else can you buy accessories for your cooler? And they are made in Austin Texas, so you know they know something about need to keep things cool.

modern-concrete-dip-bowl-vido-nori-600x398Concrete dinnerware.  Are the design semantics right to this?


If you ever get the chance, try a pair of Sennheiser’s out. Designed and engineered by audio-phonics rather than rappers.


The Botanist bench from Design Lab. Available in several patterns and colors, even chrome. I hope it isn’t a button stealer.


A series of foot stools inspired by pet dogs. FYI: unless you were raised on a farm some of the options are a bit surprising.


Bosch Power Tools just introduced a 12v heated jacket for contractors.


A new printer concept that moves down through a stack of paper.

pola-rroll financial-crisis-survival-kit Doiy-Childrens-Landscape-Dinner-Set-1-500x394

This company Doiy has so many “happy design gifts” that I don’t know where to start.

Davide-Conti-Magica-slide-interna1What appear to be gravity defying chairs, the Magica2 & Magica by Davie Conti.


Hand made and carved from wood. Is it art or furniture? Does it matter?


Salt and pepper shaker… straw… things by DesignK. Not only do they store well, think how easy it would be to use these!


Audi (yes Audi) tunes in with Bosendorer to create their latest designer series grand piano.  Where are the trademark LEDs?

lux1539ex-640The “City of wine” complex by Frank Gehry. Whenever I see his work I can’t help but be perplexed as to how someone conceives a design like this and creates drawings for it that some poor contractor has to build from. Amazing. This particular article is on how to enter for a free weekend at this facility.


Wings for your camping pad from ENO (Eagles Nest Outfitters). If ever you have slept on one of these you might remember that one of the downfalls is your arms always fall off the pad and hit the hard ground kind of like the Eames Chaise Lounge.

bus-2An old bus becomes a country home as the result of a student project and some recycled (re-purposed?) wood gym floor. This is a far cry from the bus my old scout pack converted. Ironically the book “Into the Wild” was just returned to me from a friend I had lent it to… which also featured a bus that was a far cry from this one.

hermesbeverlyhills-2-thumb-620x464-67127The new Hermès store on Rodeo Drive.


According to Better Homes & Gardens trend team, customization for pets is a hot in new homes right now. An idea whose time has come.


It struck me as ironic that this “off the grid” house is packed full of grid based patterns… almost grid over kill.

db_view_from_on_high1This is pretty amazing. The whole house slides back to revel the super-structure of this dwelling called The Russell House Project.


Flip down bike rack functionally beautiful and beautiful when not functioning.

CARING-8.12Another non-fiction story hosted by our friends at The Container Store. You guys are making a difference. Thank You.

dezeen_resin_tables_Roel-Huisman_ss_1An entire table top made from one sheet or resin by Roel Huisman. The wooden writing pad slides open to revel a shallow storage bay. It would be pretty stunning to have actually seen things stored there in this shot.  Like ant’s frozen in amber. Good example of pushing a material to its limits but due to the cost of resin, I’m not sure what efficiencies were gained.

nikon-1-aw1-waterproof-interchangable-lens-camera-designboom01Nikon’s new AW1 underwater digital camera with interchangeable lens. They claim it is the first ever. Designed to be usable with or without gloves. Beautifully executed with its consistency in forms, and finishes, it would even look good sitting on shelf.


A coffee table that doubles as a play house.  A fantastic way to address the needs and activities of different family members simultaneously with one item, bringing just a little more unity to the families day.


Waterfall bath mat. Floor coverings are typically only used on horizontal surfaces. But this lady has devised several ways to create additional function into several alternatives. More art then truly functional but never the less it proves rugs can do more. Poor rugs, after all these years we finally acknowledge them for their contribution to our homes.


One of the winner’s of the Marvin Window’s Architects Contest, this home found in Colorado is an excellent use of restraint. Restraint in use of windows given it was sponsored by Marvin, restraint in use of unnecessary details, restraint in use of finishes and forms. A very warm and inviting combination of modern, transitional and traditional cues.


The JFK Flight Terminal designed by Eero Saarinen for TWA, has been purchased and is ear marked to be converted into a hotel. The facility has been predominately dormant for years but has been recognized as an architectural masterpiece since it was opened in 1962. It should be noted that Eero Saarinen attended design school at Michigan’s very own Cranbrook Academy where he met other students such as Ray and Charles Eames.

natural-chic-interior-modular-home-1-600x399While most of us keep our heads down and focus on business as usual, the modular home industry is really maturing. Now if we could get local municipalities to be more lenient with their codes and stop labeling them as mobile homes, the industry segment could really open the innovation valve.


This home, presented as one that revives your passion for living outdoors is not unlike many that you come across that apparently are built where insects do not exist. Or where climates would limit the time you have to enjoy your outdoor living room to 3 weekends a year. This particular house is in Perth, Australia. None of this is to say we should give up. I propose  there are great lessons about one’s self and the greater environment that can be learned by spending time outdoors. Us in the Midwest will just have to do with more screens then open air.


An interesting article that makes you think: 10 reason’s not to enlarge your living space. One of which is the additional wasted water it could lead to, or maybe that’s just my Great Lakes State thing seeping out.


Okay… to prove I am not in denial about the season’s changing, I will admit that I am starting to see Christmas decorations at various retailers in the area (today the high temp will be 72°). Orvis is featuring this pretty cool snow globe on its blog. “Lab in the woods” .


I should have posted this yesterday on “National Talk Like A Pirate Day” but… this is pretty cool. A CT scanner that Sponge Bob Square Pant’s would love.



“The bike of girls dreams”.  Sturdy, full fenders, headlight, comfy saddle and a glove box, step through frame… could be.


A floating Audi. Take what you are good at (advantage due to an understanding of technology) and apply it to adjacent industries. Brilliant. I wonder if I could get them to look at my 1965 Sunfish and offer up some suggestions.


Just to keep things clear. Think about the future but stay in the present and don’t dwell on the past. A watch that reminds us of where we are or should be.


Not just for TV show sets anymore. Book shelf wall paper. Just incase you don’t like the alternative of a wall sized jumbo jet poster.


New vintage toys. Playing with these would leave a lot to imagination, a lost art. A mentor of mine once said “if you want to see how creative your kids can be, quite buying them crap”.

By Jon King

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