design insights: 68

0pretentiousbeerglassco-01The art of the perfect black & tan has just become easier to master.


Apple isn’t the only company flirting with the gold finish. We have been seeing hints of this making a return in the residential furnishings world for a about a year.

The-Living-Cube-Till-Koenneker-1Those of us that have been studying micro-enviroments for the last 25 years (or built your own dorm loft) have seen this concept a million times. But the “tree slice” floor covering is new and very cool.


Simple. Warm. Wooden walls. 10 good  (9 in my opinion) examples of how using a material thoughtfully and with intention can make all the difference from being a gaudy “me too” to simply making a space one that expresses who you are and more rewarding.


Just about all of us if we are honest have technology, machines and even clothing that is designed to do so much more than we will ever need (how many of us wear Patagonia to the grocery store?). This little add-on light series enables us to use the flashlight feature on our iPhones that much easier. Sure, you have to spend more to use it but…



The iconic shape of a home. Scaled properly can be used to define a home within a home for your favorite side-kick. Made from plywood with nothing concealed, this dog house by mPup is as honest as it’s occupant.



A new wireless speaker by Libratone. I honestly have never heard of this company before but I love the little singing bird logo they have… “and the caged bird sings”. And it’s ribbon “tweeter” (sorry) and bass base driver are arranged within this pillow to fill a room and eliminate the need to have two speakers. And it will stream from several internet channels on its own.


BH&G has this article on a cottage that is all white, I mean ALL WHITE! If ever you have wondered what your place would look like if you did this, here is your chance to see the home of someone who did. It’s ether a cop-out or very bold… I’m not sure.



The Taree Sideboard. It took me a while to figure this one out. This might be a case where the form got ahead of the function. Puzzling isn’t it?

visser-van der ende-residence-houseboat-interior-kitchen

We have talked about this a bit in previous posts… here is another example of “comfortable modern” as highlighted in the article from Dwell… “trending, comfortable kitchens”


This company: Trestlewood… reclaims and repurpose otherwise spent timbers. Amazing, admirable and profitable I’m sure. Being a big fan of timber-peg construction this approach is very appealing in many ways.


I can’t determine if these are real or not but this new twist on the popsicle by KYL21 that is potentially pretty cool. I don’t know if they intended to do this with the design but the form would lend itself to being “broke off” in controlled, manageable chunks rather than random shrapnel destined to ricochet of your white shirt before landing in your lap.


More “pure white”.


Budnitz Bikes. Belt driven titanium. How many bikes should a guy own?…. just one more.


This key chain add-on called the GDC (Gerber Daily Carry ?) by Gerber, could save your life. In an emergency it can be used to cut yourself free from a safety belt, snagged clothing or strings. The Macgyver of key chains so to speak.


The new Fiat 500L (Lounge). It used to be the car looked tiny…now just the wheels do.


Winning a Gold for interface design, this new watch series by Ttmm after Time is also an app.

duravit_kiora_02 highlights these new segmented sink line by Duravit. This one redefines flush mount.



Modern-retro-Memphis-camo cycle by ART-TIC.



TrendHunters is featuring the house that was “snapped” like a bean.


Architectural Digests “on the market” property for this post: Bridgewater Vermont @ 1.8 million. All that’s missing is me and a 1968 Jeepster.


Dated idea, dated materials… but somehow they look new here. Shelving by Outofstock.


Looking more like a weekend RV show at the convention center, this new concept for a hotel is pretty unique. Each renovated camper is a “guest room” and thus a indoor campground.


Something about this design by OLI13 is so appealing. Maybe that it provides a means to organize without dictating specifically how. Allowing you to straighten things up but also allowing you to do your own thing. Like a chair that is designed to let you sit in it anyway you want.




Domus by Alexey Lysendov. Sometimes you encounter an item that just generates a feeling of peace in you. Wether it is the item itself, what it represents from our past, hopes for the future or maybe they are just fun. And that moment of fun is a mini vacation from our day-to-day world.


The Paper Patchwork collection by Job Design. Named as such like paper, there are endless things you can do with it. A catchy blend of historic references, childish colors & contemporary volumes.


Consolle system by Zucchetti-Kos. A bio-resin sink but looks like it is pure porcelain and if so, amazingly thin for that material. Which creates a bit of mystery and intrigue and draws the consumer in.


Uni-sex parka by Pierrepont Hicks. Of course.


So your night stand is to crowded with the night-light on it… so why not turn your night stand into a night-light?


Gymnasium by ateliers O-S architectes. Embellishing the inspirational attributes to a gym, this structure is serving as the article states as a “community beacon”.

By Jon King

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