king’s blog: design insights volume 69




The Wiklandsbacke Project. Located in Kivik Sweden. I found this article at DesigMilk but the photo credit goes to Sotheby’s International to give you an idea of how much this place will cost once it is complete. Maybe that’s why the interior is so barren… the couldn’t afford the furnishings. The exterior material choice is a nice blend of options however.


New and growing clothing store: Frank & Oak. Interesting approach to the market. The first thing you do when you hit their site is provide them with your sizes.


Good ole’ Eddie Bauer. This simple animation explains “layering” better than most explanations I have seen over the decades that it has been utilized as a strategy. Bauer just keep plugging away in an industry full of giants that cast long shadows, making the need for their products perform even better.


Nice city-scape for your desk-scape by Sam Hecht.


Wool covered soap bars. We have pick up a few of these at various school craft fund-raisers. Great idea.



New iPhone bluetooth head sets by David Stockton.


A senior center in Denmark. Although the structure is fascinating it stuck me as odd that this design would be chosen for a “senior” center. My experience is that most need environments that are less confusing, more straight forward. On the other hand I have met several seniors that do not want the stigma being labeled as old, so something young and hip like this could be good for their sole.


Flor’s blog Musing has this article on an “eclectic kitchen”… pretty good way to blend periods.

item10.rendition.slideshowWideHorizontal.october-estates-09-newport-rhode-islandFrom Architectural Digest’s “houses for sale”: this one is in Rhode Island and on the market for $19,000,000. It was built for the heir to a Denver mining fortune.


BH&G trend spotters compiled this collection of images on ways to decorate your gourd. We have a few cats so this one struck me profoundly, which is the idea at Halloween right?

20121119_ihome_016_webAn impressive portfolio: Linda McDougald firm covers a broad spectrum of vernaculars for clients all over the country. This image shows how they provided a successful blend of modern and traditional solutions into one space.


Color-caped shoes. Available various colors and sizes that fit the kid in all of us. From Brother Vellies.


A store that I have never heard of… C. Wonder.


So maybe the book isn’t so good but you love the art work in it? The Better Homes & Gardens Trend Spotting team has this article on different ways to display books.


The Long Distance watch by Kitmen Keung. Designed with two watch faces in one. Enabling you to know what time it is in a zone where your long distance love resides. Their website is incredibly stark and solely dedicated to this one watch. Pretty bold.


Mimicking the mermaid on the rock, this retail display is equally iconic, by BIG group.


The Nano Hi-Fi system. Snaps together for portability but comes apart to provide “big” sound with its bluetooth speakers. You can even get a carrying case for it at their on-line store.


This post’s “designer you should know something about” is Joey Ruiter. His exhibit “Objects in Motion” is opening at the GRAM (Grand Rapids Art Museum) tonight, and is running through January 5th.


This is a cool concept. Called iBitz, in the interest of exercise, tracks children’s movement through the day and rewards them in the form of a game by syncing with others.


Test drive of the new AMG A45 from Mercedes-Benz. Notice the driver is wearing a helmet.


The return of the teen entertainer? The new fuse ball table. As I recall this game can get pretty rambunctious. I wonder if the legs can take it.


 Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Edition video. No commentary from me needed.


Great article on using color accents to make a space more playful and light hearted.



This house is located in the mountains of Japan. It is presented as a mountain cabin. The article claims it is much more serene then your typical mountain retreat, free of mounted deer heads and monstrous fireplaces. My instant response was that the windows mimic boulders tumbling down the mountain side and the interior space is so chaotic that I believe I would want to get out as soon as possible. Perhaps thats the idea?


A dental clinic by Tato Architects in Kakayamate. This space uses familiar forms and materials that both blend and stand out against the white backdrop, to help ease client anxiety. Very nice.


Designed to help kids build forts in the wilderness, these Stick-Lets are made of silicone and come in many shapes and colors. What ever happen to the art of knot tying?



New “pill” shaped seating by Alexander Lotersztian. The forms are nice but what I really like is that from a distance they appear to be formed and color cement but there is a bit of “joy in the discovery” that they are actually a soft wool or felt. A good example of there being more depth and content reveled as a result of digging deeper. Perhaps this is metaphorical for a way to approach life.



Head or Tails by Nendo Studio. A versatile dog dwelling. And you can get a matching set of food bowels and chew toys too…the lucky handsome little devil.


Looking more like an over-exposed photo, the new Stuttgart library by Yi Architects.


The Adel desk. High gloss white workspace…like one giant Chicklett. Nice.


New birth of old father time. The Old Timer from CB2.



“Sommarhus Harlöt” (summer-house) by LLP Arkitektkontor (architecture). A space that would be so simple to reside in it would be like a breath of fresh air. Which to me is the purpose of a retreat. Wouldn’t it be great to wake up and watch the world wake up in a place like this?


One sweet and well disguised e-bike (electronic assist).

By Jon King

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