king’s blog design insights: V70


The new living colors lamp by Phillips. Using LED technology to help change the mood in any room for any occasion.


A boat box or deck box that has some additional functional appeal by Better Way Products. But there is probably some more room to grow in that regard. What would Philippe Starck do with this?


This website had probably the most bizarre collection of sweatshirts and socks you will ever encounter. Without the internet would a “store” like this stand a chance?


Stunning spaces created by blending wood, stone and water. This home called “Laurel Way” was recently completed in L. A. and designed by Whipple Russel Architects.


This team creates some very nice spaces. Intuitive, useful, simple forms applied in a peaceful fashion. Like a view of the landscape from 30,000 feet. Interior Design Magazines “10 Questions with Dennis Wedlick & Alan Barlis.”


There have been times in foul weather when I see the telephone lineman working from temp shelters and think “those look like they are built to last much longer than my Kelty”. The company IC (Improvements Catalog) is offering a series of these as pop-up storage sheds. What is nice about this is when they are empty, they could easily be moved, taken down or probably be put in place before your local city code police catch on.


Interior Design Magazine is featuring examples of what can now be done with printed ceramic tile. This facility is a “University Teacher Training College” designed by Ramón Fernández-Alonso y Asociados in Granada, Spain, 2012.

NW: Totale

EG: Wohnen

More “comfortable modern”… this retreat was created on a $20,000 budget by the architect Mathias Klotz for his mother. It is located in Tongoy, Chile.


Apparently inspired by “Gothic Architecture”, you would never guess that by perusing this slide show at dwell. Apparently the professional musician and his son like tall open spaces, which is true of Gothic, but other than that it’s a reach. One thing I found cool about this photo is a blatent embracing of modern with a tricked out mid 60’s Mopar in the drive. The house was designed by Tonic,  in North Carolina.


Nice little storage unit that could go anywhere in a room and be accessible from multiple sides. From A2 Designers.


What is a blog post without featuring a sweet watch that is just out of budget. This one is from Tudor who’s catch phrase is “watch your style”. This specific model is called the Fastrider, and is the timing partner for Ducatti.


New glass kitchen scale by Escali. Available in a ton of colors. I wonder it it would double as a cutting board?


The Eyn available through The Grommet.


This has actually been on the market for some time but it is so beautiful that I wanted to stare at it some more. The Leica D-Lux 6.


0jmaysretiring-002Ford announces the retirement of J Mays. This concept called the “Ford 49” is highlighted as one of Core 77’s favorites, but J Mays is also the brain trust behind the VW New Beetle, Ford GT and Mustang.

APPLREND00A friend of mine at the office shared this one with me. has released renderings and video clips of the new Apple WHQ. Designed by the famed Norman Foster Architect. Pretty amazing. As the article states presenting this to the Cupertino city council was the last public appearance Jobs made. This facility features orchards, underground parking and a subterranean conference center where all future releases will be unveiled to the world.


Dwell magazine now has a on-line store.


From the website unbranded design comes this concept. There is something so simple and obvious about it but new.


Ural Motorcycles. Period.

Key Bike Rack-1

A bike rack called Key from Landscape Forms.


Interior Design magazine is featuring this beach house by Robert Kerr & Haily Soren. This dwelling is a great example of blending natural and man-made materials with light and lighting, new but simple forms and fitting with the surroundings… southern California.


Yes I am starting to see a lot of seasonal posts on other blogs… the team at HGTV is casting votes on what’s gaudy and what isn’t.

Modern-Mezzanine-Design-2 has this article on mezzanines. As you will see they are not just for condo’s anymore like the one you rented in Aspen last February.



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