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Evan Robinson Photography

Evan Robinson Photography

Evan Robinson Photography

Over the Thanksgiving break I had the pleasure of meeting one of the co-founders of this company: Of Mercer. It is a new start-up with a very clear and unique mission of providing simple, comfortable, timeless, affordable “work-wear” fashion to a market that appears to have overlooked this immediate need. Based out of NYC with goals of domestic fabrication, I am sure that they will do well.


Taking your classic “pedestal storage” to a whole meaning. I think this was in a hotel but not sure.

idx131001_giants24Coming in at 22 on the Interior Design Magazine’s “Giants” list: Rottet Studio. Who, under the category of hospitality did this ship for Viking Star Cruise Lines.


“Shift” modular furniture. Manufactured in Germany.


I guess they really do exist. Hobbit Homes.


No clog J-trap. Assuming it really works, it would be fascinating to actually be able to see what stuff is in there. Like if your 5-year-old actually did drop the hermit crab down there. PermaFLOW.


Now this is a Camper Van.

hiker_nat_2Hand sewn hiker by FEIT. $621.00. Probably worth it considering with this Swedish welt, they can easily be re-soled… so these would last a life time and just keep getting more and more comfortable. And gorgeous to boot.


Kartell’s Comback Chair. Seen here in the rocker version. Designed by Patricia Urquiola. The back is molded as one piece in a two-part mold. Very simple.


Alesse’s rechargeable LED lanterns. Somehow this works… the visual semantics of an old hurricane lamp with the latest LED technology… that’s one way to warm up what some believe is a cold, harsh light.


Filson Outfitters has introduced their own Jeep package called the AEV Brute. Reminiscent of the “Scrambler” but with four doors… actually runs.


I am not sure if this was inspired by Walter White or some Danish coffee maker… but regardless it is a fairly elegant, clean and simple water purifier. The product by SOMA is available exclusively at Treehouse.


Aahhh… the warmth of real wood and a tubed amplifier. Back at last.


This is not new to some of you but this “Granit” flatware set by Eva Zeisel is just simply beautiful. And this pure white color and finish seems appropriate for winter.


Polar awareness ice cubes by Mohos & Atushuiro Hayashi’s. Available at this A+R Design.


Architectural Digest features the home of Peter Gruber in this post. I liked the aluminum internally illuminated cases inset into the traditional wood library. Book & artifacts. A life’s story, a path that can be followed.



This article features some of the new ski resorts in the Alps… just incase you need a way to contend with the guilt you have from eating to many slices of the yule log over the holidays. Architectural Digest.


Something so clean and simple about this product line from Industrial Facility. I can’t help but wonder what it would look like with real humans and their stuff in it but still. The material, color, form and scale all come together to make a “contract” environment feel less demanding. The product doesn’t seem to match the company name?




This post’s “chump change” home is offered by Sotheby’s CA. Located on British Columbia it could be yours for $11,500,000.00. Operators are standing by.


In a world where ever action is policed by guidelines… this story from the Container Store warms my heart. Thanks for keeping your blog real.


This is pretty wild… these bird houses are modeled after actual dwellings that you can rent. Find out more at their site Airbnb.


An update on a classic… soap on a rope.


The Watt floor lamp from Blu Dot.


Under the protective armor of R2D2… now we know why it spoke so much jibberish.


Formed plywood and skeletal wire…still providing a stage for innovation after all these years.



Starbuck’s is on a roll. It’s first commuter train car/bistro. Makes perfect sense except that it isn’t in my part of the world. This one is in Zurich… don’t they just drink hot chocolate?


This cottage is featured in an article at It is a stunning home like many in their publication, in fact almost to similar. But this shot speaks volumes about the power and calming effect of pattens and rhythms… and the importance of attention to detail. The power of strategic layering with backdrops and foregrounds each serving each other and serving a larger, harmonic purpose.


When executed right, even brass can be appealing. This LAX series from MASHstudio is available in a few other metal finishes as well.


There is something kind of disturbing about these “piggy banks” from the Dwell Store… maybe it’s that they look to real?


After the chrome bath pigs, I felt a need to find something fun and light-hearted. This is the “Yorky” lamp available at the Walker Art Center Store.


What to do with the corner space… ThinkFabricate suggests this concept.


Expressing the curtail structure as part of the design not only simplifies the result but is very efficient. Same is true for the Eames work. This shelving system by Souda is accurately called the “strut shelf”.



Another example of “comfortable modern”. This home in Minneapolis uses warm materials, familiar forms, human scale and lighting to shuffle modern thinking into a warm and livable home.


OK… the jury is still out on whether gnomes are elves or not… but this being the season of magic, I thought it would be fitting to close this post with a whimsical and seasonal note. The Gnome Napoleon Stool by the Dr. No of design… Philippe Starck.

Season’s Greetings. Keep it simple. Spend time with your family. Let it be rewarding.

By Jon King

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