king’s blog: design insights v73

c101LIT motors gyro cycle car thing. Amazingly stable.


Tombolo sectional for Hightower. Something so simple and pleasing about the forms, use of materials and on top of all that… access to power, which is great until someone comes up with wireless power.


Davis Furniture “Dots”. Allowing endless arrangement and expression of one self in a safe fashion… with a bit of levity.


Mamba Light Shelving by MDF Italia. Available at stores like this.


Regard by Nurture (Steelcase). Wonderfully designed, subtle, superbly executed details, representing a well understood process of waiting. Very nice.


This might not seem like such a big deal… but if you have ever used a bundle of markers or pencils, spreading them out to find the one you want, it usually requires that you take them out of the cut and let the sprawl all over place… this device designed by Elise Gaberiel @ L’atelier D’exercises simplifies that process but just removing the rack from the wall.


The Cindy lamb designed by Ferruccio Lavini for Katell. The return of chrome… done tastefully.


Sorry, but this the first time I have seen this… a Frank Gehry addition to the top of Frank Llyod Wright’s Guggenheim. Not sure how I feel about that. I admire both but mixed?

Architectural Digest has this article on a quite getaway to Rio.


One sweet Porsche 63′ 356 (and Patrick Dempsey… isn’t he a movie star of something?).


Lego tops the list according to FastCo. But we knew that… who can forget the sound of someone digging through a stack of these tiny gems… or the sound of one getting sucked up into a vacuum cleaner.


Although it is on the water… it is definitely not a “van down by the river.”


Just my prediction… but if you look at all the men’s grooming products at any given super-store, and all of these men’s stores popping up… I am predicting that 1st world nations are climbing the bell curve of a men’s movement. Trunk Club is a good example.


Capturing the opinion of many… especially their design of early automobiles… this article titled “Japanese Over Design” is fairly accurate… but it is still cool to “witness the process”. And in sea of commodity, this little detail is probably a deal breaker for most.


A nice way to deal with shades of white… this bedroom make over by famed blogger Erin Loechner.


Formed from a shed in England… this is probably considered modern due to its use of space and application of materials but yet… very warm and inviting. I want one. Designed by Weston, Surman & Deane.


If this blog had a center fold… this would be it. Audi matte Daytona grey Avanti RS6. I want one of these too.


Fits right in… like it grew there. The Haffenden House by Para-Project. Said real fast ironically sounds like “half hidden house”. I wonder if…


From Dwell’s “houses we love”… inside the remodel of Peter Fehrentz flat in Berlin. Featuring the Papa Bear chair… my all time favorite designed by Hans Wegner. Seeing is believing… but sitting in one is theraputic.


The Container Store… once again keeping it light and lively. The grand opening of their Tampa store featured a traditional dance that even the V.P. of New Stores partook in. What a riot!


Water Falling Estate in Hawaii is now on the market… only $26 million (or highest bidder).


From Ovis… the pet sky box safety seat. It might contain the fur too.


HGTV‘s list of ‘modern filing cabinets’… for the need to store printed documents!


Even though we have had a brutal winter… this dwelling still looks like it would address the need to escape in a way that would linger months aftewards. Designed by CS&P Architects it is built in the Canadian woods.


It was her Maxima… it is in Russia… and I don’t know what else to say.


And yet another crazy Russian design. Let’s hope this isn’t a parking lot to a WalMart. I think a few friends of mine and I tried this when we were 19… right after the summer we lit tennis balls on fire and threw them around the park.


Cool Hunting has this feature on lighting designed by Gino Sarfatti for Flos. Most of which has been updated slightly to take advantage of the latest technology.

By Jon King

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