king’s blog: design insights v74


New outdoor clothing company: Aether.


Daylight savings time… time to think about time… time to give thought to how you track time. The Braun  BN0032. Timeless design. Stainless steel band, little red chevron on the date… orange second-hand as if the seconds are burning past.


Dwell has this article on innovative workspaces in the Chicago area.. some great ideas.


The Cookoo Watch. Not a smart watch but a watch that is connected via bluetooth with your mobile device and can do things like serve as a remote shutter release for your camera. And the box it comes in becomes a bird house when your done with it.


The money clip… that doubles as a bottle opener… right?


Magnetic coat hangers… wonder if they spin?… slide?… do with an aluminum rod?…

F5-Thomas-Overthun-IDEO-0-portraitFrom the “designers you should know something about file: Tomas Overton from IDEO. I had the pleasure of working with Tomas on the early stages of Steelcase’s Pathways program.


From an article at on “porches we love”. I thought is article was on “Porsche’s we love” but it was pretty good anyway.

 MollaSpace-PaperPot-white-silo.jpg“Paper Pot” facial tissue dispenser… this cute little ball might be more fun to carry around under your arm if you are stuck at home with a honker than a sharp-edged box. Available at the Dwell store.


Odd mix of historic and regional foot-ware but it seems to work. These new scrubs from Beckett Simonon could be yours and then you could go hiking in your wingtips or wing it while hiking the urban jungle.

 Incurva-Wine-Rack-Formabilio-Mario-Pagliaro-1-500x355Wine rack? Magazine rack? Another great use of formed plywood from Incurva.


“Formwork” for Herman Miller. Designed by Sam Hecht & Kim Colin. Legos for those of us at a desk 73% of the day.


Sporting event freaks take note. Housing units that can be moved to a variety of excepting arenas. Taking modular living to a new level.


Starck does it again.

Barbara Hill's Dancehall/House in Marfa, Texas September 14, 2010 Misty Keasler

I know this would be to stark for a lot of you but can you image how freeing it would be to have access to this dwelling in Texas as a “retreat”?

By Jon King

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