king’s blog: design insights v75


This concept is so cool, and I am not even a dog. Which is a matter of opinion I suppose.

Sweet idea - silly name. This WeMo Switch from Belkin enables you to turn this on/off remotely.

Sweet idea – silly name. This WeMo Switch from Belkin enables you to turn things on/off remotely. Like your coffee maker from bed?… or kids bedroom light at schoool and freak them out?


Pre-fab proto type and of course it’s located in the desert where there are no misquotes, winter or neighbors as it appears. How high can a scorpion jump?


According to the style police at BHG, copper is back!


In an attempt to expand into adjacent markets but same demographics…the Waldorf Astoria is now offering a “driving experience”. I wonder if this was a concept inspired by their valet service.


I could do this, especially if I didn’t have to leave the pool or paint the place. AD is featuring this New Hampshire home.


Vac form shoes of recycled plastic. A quick eco-cool option by Lou Moria.


New antique” (?) bar stool by Marcel Wanders.


Designer ice cream…this makes it even harder to keep your cake and eat it too.


KickStarter does it again… paper size based water jugs for your messaged bag. Would it be awkward to drink from one of these?… if you buy one let me know.


This German site sells these, several other great ways to deal with keys and their gnomes are on sale.


New line of dog beds… “shags”.

Block_Honeycomb_bModular Arts is adding a layered looking options to their vast offering.

 graphic-render-ollieApp operated robot. Amazing fun. But other than that I wonder is there if this had a live video feed on it would truly good it would serve the world?

Hay_CopenhagueChair-Desk.jpgOriginally designed for collegiate library application by the brothers team of

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Hay, they have expanded the line to include a solitary dorm room options.

3035965-slide-s-3-frank-gehrys-colorful-biodiversity-museumA Ghery that looks like crumpled construction paper rather than silver fish in a bucket? This tribute to the Florida shoreline is featured in Fast


Method does it again. This time the product is dispensed from pressure applied to the bottom and forcing it out rather than mixing it with compressed gases. Brilliant. Like toothpaste without the “after dinner mints” drying in the sink bowl.

 HEM-Debut-Collection-1-White-Shelf“High end affordable furniture” from HEM. Proof that great things can be designed with commodity materials. Like a nail, flour, 3 colors of paint or TFL (thermo fused laminate).


Ways to use a spent kid’s wagon. How many of you have one of those just sitting around. Next up is what to do with spent Little Tikes play cabins.


Trek’s new Lync 5. Designed just for the commuter. If only my commute was less than 74 miles everyday or is that just an excuse?


Design boom found this “tubed amp” for your mobile device. Those of you don’t know what I mean by ‘”tubed” need not apply.


I am not crazy about the setting this desk is in but the desk itself is pretty well done. Great for Jack & Jill.


OK so we missed boating season but sledding season is just over the next hill. This Silver Sonic waterproof pocket from Orvis is perfect for that because you never know when you will launch out of a maneuver and land in the pool at the Aspen Ritz Carlton.

By Jon King

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