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One winner in the Best Architecture Photos contest. A stair case by Zaha Hadid.


Leeo nightlight and alarm. Will sound an alarm when necessary and communicate with whomever via WiFi.


This is pretty cool… Terrance Conran plays match-maker. By pairing established designer with “upstarts” to create solutions for their own homes. Read more here at Design Milk.


New pellet stove  and matching case goods called MIA by Sara Ferrari.


A rare interview with Sir Jony Ive…in Vogue.


Laser engraved rolling pins by Valek.


Fun and seasonable stuff from Home Decorating Trends.


Levi’s re-introduces the Orange Tag 615’s. My all time favorite but now they cost $205.00


One of the common responses people have to the modern movement is that it’s “too harsh”. Yet in the same breath they will talk of a need to simply their life. This article at Dwell does a great job of 1) utilizing commodity materials in a beautifully appropriate way, 2) creating a ‘modern’ setting that is warm and comfortable.


Grazing Grill. One you can sit at, cook your meal the way you want it and dine with other chefs.

17-1Check out this architects web site. It’s crazy. Moon Hoon.

 b364fa16df6f995ae70693f5d4d31def.Remember Bob Villa?… roof top gardens from his site that make you say “why didn’t I think of that?”


Ya… so… I am a pet guy.

 item0.rendition.slideshowHorizontal.palm-beach-estate-for-sale-01-exteriorOn the market in Palm Springs. 6,500 square feet. $8.7 million.




I am not a big golfer. Or good golfer. I’m sure there is a correlation there. But this is a pretty sweet device. The new Vapor driver from Nike Golf. So new it’s not on their website yet.


Tool update. Chauhan Studio.


Stone pillows… pillows like stones?


Architectural Digest has this article on homes that inspired great literary works. “The hammer shape the hand”.

By Jon King

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