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I just came across this digital article on “rehab pools” from Interior Design Magazine. These first two photots represent projects that we as “space manipulators” are capable of. That is, to fully understand the needs of the end user and design the space to accommodate and enable the events that take place there. These are both just “indoor pools”. The are both just “structures”. But they have been designed with almost completely different results based on those understandings. These works confirm that we make a difference. The hard work pays off. We are enhancing peoples lives. And that even though it is difficult to get others to understand at times, the struggle to make something difficult, appear or function easily… is worth it.thumbs_63842-1-Cannon-Denver.jpg.1064x0_q90_crop_sharpen

University of Colorado, Anschutz-Health and Wellness Center by Cannon Design.


Bedford Family Center, Westport Weston Family “Y”, Connecticut. By Robert A.M. Stern Architects.

By Jon King

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