just 5: v83


Loox Design’s new powder coated metal…shelving tile…a divider for above and one for below each shelf, with each shelf…sounds like a riddle…with a divider in the middle…anybody want a peanut….stop rhyming and I mean it.


The “Turning Torso” project just celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary. This building spins 90° in only 9 stories and stands 623 ft. tall. It is located in Malmo, Sweden and is Scandinavia’s tallest building.


I can’t believe nobody as brought this to market yet but regardless it’s look like a blast. Electric jet board by Onean.


What’s nice about this piece other than simplicity is that there is a place for greenery that appears intentional, yet not overbearing. And there is a place for the other tools one might use if they actually read something other than a media phone. From WorkOf.


What do Julian Lennon and Le Corbusier have in common? This article will tell you about that and several other details in this non-fictional twisted story of combative creative types. CAUTION there is some “PG-17” rated content but if you are a architecture history freak this is an amazing story full of un-knows. Including the fact the “The Crow” got hit by a boat prop and almost lost his leg swimming at Monaco one time.

By Jon King

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