just 5: v84

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Medibank, Melbourne. A project as depicted in Interior Design Magazine by Hassell. This realigns what one would typically associate as a bank interior.


Of course. A transparent canoe from fancy.com.


New cutlery offered through ALESSI. It’s always puzzled me that when you shop for this type of item you are prevented from actually holding it and feeling how it feels. The balance, the thickness of the handle in your hand. This set appears (at least) to have a better shape for the spoons (more like a mini-shovel), the knife looks balanced like it will double equally as well as a spreader as it will a carver. Well done.

UntitledOK. I admit it. I have a small fetish for REAL watches. A fetish that my fiscal resources cannot and should not accommodate. Which is why this site is so nice. It allows you to peruse a litany of refurbished pieces of mechanical art. Some are just out or reach. Perhaps in due time one will show up under the Christmas tree.

Crown & Caliber

floor 2

Waldilla Wood has some incredible wood flooring options. I have no idea how they route or install this stuff…crazy designers.

By Jon King

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